Local Program Delegation

Certain city and county governments have been delegated the authority to enforce the state’s rules and regulations for a number of environmental programs. Some of these programs include sedimentation and erosion control, water supply watershed protection, stormwater, air quality, well inspection, septic systems, etc. Information about these locally delegated programs can be obtained directly from the local government or health department, as well as links from state Web pages or state staff.

For instance, the N.C. Division of Air Quality has delegated components of its jurisdiction to three counties in North Carolina: Buncombe, Mecklenburg and Forsyth. Contact information for these local air quality programs may be obtained at the following website: /about/divisions/air-quality/local-programs. The N.C. Sedimentation Control Commission has delegated authority to some local governments to carry out the state’s rules and regulations to control erosion and sedimentation damage to property and surface waters. Local programs' staff perform plan reviews and enforce compliance with plans within their jurisdiction. Learn more and find contact information for these local programs.

Local health departments carry out the state’s rules and regulations regarding septic system permitting, food service establishments, tattoo shops, daycare facilities, pools, solid waste, etc. As of July 1, 2008 local health departments have jurisdiction over the permitting of private drinking water wells. See a list of the county environmental health staff in North Carolina.