DENR to conduct below-ground vapor testing in Wake Forest neighborhood

RALEIGH –The N.C. Division of Waste Management on Oct. 15 will begin conducting below-ground vapor testing of 14 homes in the Stony Hill Road area of Wake Forest.
These homes have recently been shown to have levels of volatile chemicals, including trichloroethylene (TCE), perchloroethylene (PCE) and other related compounds, in their water supply wells that exceed levels for potential vapor concerns.
The Environmental Protection Agency, Division of Waste Management and Wake County Environmental Serviceshave sampled more than 100 residential wells in the Stony Hill area, and 14 have been found to contain contaminants above federal drinking water standards. These homes were provided bottled water immediately upon discovery of contamination in their wells in late July and early August this year.
The EPA is funding waterline extensions from three different adjoining community water systems to supply the impacted homes with clean water. The two homes having the highest TCE levels were connected to community water lines on Oct. 11. Seven more homes will be connected during the week of Oct. 15. The other impacted residents will be connected early next year to another water system.
The soil vapor investigation slated to begin Monday will involve the temporary installation of below-ground probes and other devices to determine if contaminated vapors exist near homes. Drilling equipment and other support vehicles will be present in the area during this work. Both DWM and EPA will supervise the fieldwork. Results from weeklong testing are expected within two-to-three weeks after the sampling. Additional testing may be scheduled later.

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