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State environmental officials investigate spill at chemical company in Moncure


RALEIGH – State officials say a formaldehyde and phenol solution that spilled at a facility in Moncure Tuesday has been largely contained at the site.

Arclin, a company which makes resin that’s used to make particle board, reported to state officials that a vessel containing formaldehyde and phenol overheated and blew off about 113,000 pounds of vapor at its Moncure facility early Tuesday. The vapor condensed and fell to the ground as liquid.

It appears almost all of the formaldehyde and phenol was contained on the site, but a small amount discharged to a stormwater outfall running to the Haw River. However, shortly after the spill was detected, the stormwater outfalls were shut and much of product that made its way into the stormwater drain was recovered and the drains were flushed to storage tanks at the facility. Results of water quality testing at the discharge point, in the Haw River and at the outfall are expected Thursday.

The Division of Water Resources has notified all downstream public water systems. All of the downstream municipalities with intakes on the Haw River have reported their water is safe for drinking using normal treatment processes.


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