Tar-Pamlico River Basin

Quick Facts

Drainage Area (mi2):~6,148 Population (2010): ~449,164 River Miles: ~2,543 Coastal Miles:~36 Lake Acreage:~3,977 Estuary Acreage:~663,504 Counties:19 Municipalities:53 Planner: Heather Patt

Subbasin Info

03020101 - Upper Tar River 03020102 - Fishing Creek 03020103 - Lower Tar River 03020104 - Pamlico River 03020105 - Pamlico Sound

Basin Description

The Tar River originates in north central North Carolina in Person, Granville and Vance counties and flows southeasterly until it reaches tidal waters near Washington and becomes the Pamlico River and empties into the Pamlico Sound. The entire basin is classified as Nutrient Sensitive Waters (NSW). Based on the 2011 National Land Cover Data, the Tar-Pamlico River Basin's estimated developed area is ~7%, agriculture ~29%, wetlands ~23% grassland/scrub ~12% and forest ~27%. Development and population growth center around Greenville, Rocky Mount, Washington and in rural areas within commuting distance to Raleigh.

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