Emission Estimation Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets for estimating emissions from...
Asphalt Plants (.xls)   Rev. F   07/18/2012
Coal combustion (.xls)   Rev. H   02/07/2012
Concrete Batching (.xls)   Rev. D   10/15/2015
Cotton Gins (.xls)   Rev. E   01/03/2007
Feedmills (.xls)   Rev. A   02/11/1996
Fuel oil combustion (.xls)   Rev. G   11/05/2012
Human Crematory (.xls) Rev. R01   01/21/2016
Incinerators (municipal, medical waste, etc.) (Lotus 123, not supported)    
Internal combustion (large gasoline and diesel engines) (.xls)   Rev. J   06/22/2015
Internal combustion (small gasoline and diesel engines) (.xls)   Rev. S   06/22/2015
LPG combustion (.xls)   Rev. F   01/05/2017
Medical waste incinerators (specifically) (.xls)   Rev. C   05/16/2000
Natural gas combustion (.xls)   Rev. N   01/05/2017
Stone quarries and stone crushing (.xls)   Rev. C   05/23/2011
Wood Waste combustion (.xls)   Rev. J   07/14/2011
Woodwork (.xls)   Rev. C   07/09/2007
Woodwork (Lumber Kilns) (.xls)
Woodwork (Lumber Kilns - Documentation) (.xls)
  Rev. C
Official NC PERMITS Control Device Analysis Spreadsheets (.zip)    

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