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112(r)   Mike Reid
One - Stop Permit Coordination and Assistance   DEQ Environmental Assistance and Customer Service
1-877-623-6748 or 919-707-8100
A/C Compressor Disposition   Waste Reduction 919-715-6506
Acid Deposition / Acid Rain   Sushma Masemore
Acid Rain Data   Donnie Redmond
Adjudicatory Permit Form   William Willets, Mark Cuilla
Air Awareness: Environmental Education   Jonathan Navarro
Air Awareness: Media   Tom Mather
Air Awareness: Businesses   Jonathan Navarro
Air Compressor Permit   DOA Standards Division 919-733-3313
Air Quality Action Day   Nick Witcraft, Jonathan Navarro, Tom Mather
Air Quality Monitoring Data   Donnie Redmond, Lori Cherry
Alternative Fuels   Brian Phillips, Phyllis Jones
Ambient Monitoring Procedures   Donnie Redmond, Joette Steger, Corey Mocka
Animal Crematoria / Incinerators   Regional Office, Gary Saunders
Annual Air Pollutant Emissions Report   Tammy Manning, Regional Office
Anti-Idling Policy / Idle Reduction   Joelle Burleson, Brian Phillips, Phyllis Jones
Artwork / Graphics   Larry Goodwin, Jerome Moore, Tom Mather
Asbestos (Demolition Notification, etc.)   Asbestos Program 919-707-5950
Asphalt Plant Calls (Misc.)   Regional Office, Tom Mather
Asphalt Plant Testing Protocols   Shannon Vogel
ATAST (Air Toxics Analytical Support Team)   Lori Cherry, Jim Bowyer
Attainment / Nonattainment Areas   Sushma Masemore, Randy Strait
Autobody Shops   Teresa Colon, Tony Pendola
Auto Emissions / Inspections   Dave Willis, Brian Phillips
Automobile Registration Denial   1-877-421-0020, 919-861-3185
BACT Analysis   Booker Pullen
Best Available Retrofit Technology (BART)   Joelle Burleson, Tom Anderson, Sheila Holman
Boilers, Steam   Gary Saunders
Brochures & Publications   Tom Mather
Budget   Ronald Jackson
Carbon Monoxide   Joette Steger, Sushma Masemore, Carlton Blakley
Carbon Monoxide Monitoring   Carlton Blakley
Carbon Monoxide Maintenance Areas   Randy Strait
CFC Exams (Certifications)   EPA - Wendell Reed 404-562-9215
CFCs (Chlorinated flourocarbons) see also "Refrigerants"   EPA - Wendell Reed 404-562-9215
Civil Penalties   Michael Pjetraj, Amy Vanderkop
Clean Air Act Requirements   Mike Abraczinskas, Sushma Masemore
CMAQ Congestion Mitigation   Phyllis Jones
Combustion Turbines Test Reports   Shannon Vogel, Michael Pjetraj
Committee Hearings / Meetings (AQC, EMC)   Joelle Burleson, Patrick Knowlson
Complaints / Companies   Regional Office
Complaints / Indoor Air   Epidemiology 919-707-5900
Complaints / Outdoor Air   Regional Office
Complaints / Workplace Air   Occupational Health, Epidemiology 919-707-5900
Compliance Assurance Monitoring (CAM)   Samir Parekh 919-707-8409, Michael Pjetraj
Compliance / Status of Test Reports   Shannon Vogel, Michael Pjetraj
Conformity / General   Randy Strait
Conformity / Transportation   Todd Pasley, Randy Strait, Phyllis Jones
Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM)   Dennis Igboko, Regional Office
Contrails from Jet Aircraft   Marion Herz, US EPA 1-202-564-1084
Crematoria / Animals   Regional Office, Gary Saunders
Database Queries   Tom Mather
Demolition Notification (Asbestos)   Asbestos Program, 919-707-5950
DEQ Environmental Assistance and Customer Service   DEQ Environmental Assistance and Customer Service
1-877-623-6748 or 919-707-8100
Dry Cleaners   Waste Management 919-707-8200
Early Action Compacts   Sushma Masemore
Electronic Questions & Repairs   Justin Davis, ECB Maywood
EMC Air Questions: Rules & Amendments   Joelle Burleson
EMC Air Questions: Meeting Agenda, dates, membership, etc.   Lois Thomas 919-807-6457
Emergencies (Reporting)   Emergency Management 1-800-858-0368 or
as you would 911; otherwise refer to Regional Office
or Lori Cherry)
Emissions (Automobile) Testing   Dave Willis, Brian Phillips
Emission Factors, Stationary Sources   Tammy Manning. Mark Cuilla
Emission Factors, Transportation   Todd Pasley, Randy Strait
Emission Fees   Mark Cuilla
Emissions, Fugitive - Complaints   Regional Office
Emissions, Fugitive - Rules   Joelle Burleson
Emissions, Landfill Gases   Tammy Manning, Yuki Puram
Emissions Inventory (Area) (Non Point)   Randy Strait, Kevin Ours
Emissions Inventory (Biogenic)   Randy Strait
Emissions Inventory (EPA or another State)   Tammy Manning
Emissions Inventory (Highway Mobile)   Todd Pasley, Randy Strait
Emissions Inventory (Industry Point Source)   Tammy Manning, Regional Office
Emissions Inventory (nonroad Mobile)   Randy Strait
Emissions Inventory (Point for Modeling)   Ming Xie, Randy Strait
Emissions Inventory (Point Source) Data Queries   Tammy Manning
Emissions Inventory (Toxics)   Tammy Manning, Robin Barrows
Emission Reduction Grants   Brian Phillips, Phyllis Jones
Emission Reports & Retrievals   Tammy Manning
Enforcement / Hearings / Fasttrack Cases / Action   Michael Pjetraj, Thaochi Vu
Environmental Education for Air Awareness   Jonathan Navarro
Environmental Indicators Report   Donnie Redmond
Environmental Justice   Sheila Holman
Environmental Permits Information and Coordination   DEQ Environmental Assistance and Customer Service
1-877-623-6748 or 919-707-8100 or William Willets
Environmental Policy Act   Connie Horne
Environmental Stewardship Initiative   Angela Barger 919-707-8126
Episodic Ozone Controls   Sushma Masemore
Equipment   Justin Davis, ECB Maywood
ERC   Sheila Holman, Mike Abraczinskas
Ethanol   Regina Hudock
Fluoride Standards   Joelle Burleson
Forecast Meteorologists   Nick Witcraft, Elliot Tardif, Bradley McLamb
Freedom of Information (FOI)   Tom Mather
Freon Hotline (Federal) Atlanta   EPA - Wendell Reed 404-562-9215
Fuels Report - Sulfur Content   Dennis Igboko, Michael Pjetraj
Fugitive Emissions - Complaints   Regional Office
Fugitive Emissions - Rules   Joelle Burleson
Furniture MACT   Patrick Knowlson
Gasoline / Gas Vapor   Regina Hudock, Brian Phillips, Steven Rice
Gases from Landfills   Yuki Puram
Geographic Information Systems   Todd Pasley
Glycol Ethers   Jim Bowyer
Grants   Ronald Jackson, Phyllis Jones
Greenhouse Gas Emissions   Paula Hemmer, Tammy Manning
Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP) / Title III   Joelle Burleson, Nancy Jones
Health Concerns / Animal Production   Epidemiology / Bill Pate
Hog Farms (see also Pig Farms or Nitrogen Deposition)   Gary Saunders or Regional Office
HON (Hazardous Organic NESHAPS)   Patrick Knowlson
Human Resources   Wendy Minich
IBEAM Data Base - Compliance   Michael Pjetraj
IBEAM Data Base - Emissions   Tammy Manning
Incineration   Regional Office
Incinerator Emissions (Inventory)   Tammy Manning
Incinerator Rules   Joelle Burleson, Patrick Knowlson
Indoor Air   Epidemiology 919-707-5900
Indoor Air Quality Information Clearinghouse   US EPA 1-800-438-4318 or 1-301-585-9020
Initial Notification Report for HAPs / Title III   Patrick Knowlson, Regional Office
Inspection & Maintenance (I/M)   Dave Willis, Brian Phillips
Inspection Waiver for Cars and Trucks   1-877-421-0020, 919-861-3189
Insulation (Home & Industrial)   Epidemiology 919-707-5900
Inventory Reports for Medical Waste Incinerators   Tammy Manning
ISO 14000   Angela Barger 919-707-8126
Lab Certification   Jim Bowyer
Laboratory DAQ   Jim Bowyer 919-715-7484
Landfills, gas emissions   Yuki Puram
Lead Based Paint   Environmental Health 919-715-3293
Legislation   Sheila Holman, Sushma Masemore, Mike Abraczinskas
MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technology)   Robin Barrows
Mercury or CO2 Relating to Clean Smokestacks   Steve Schliesser
Mercury: Concerns about a Facility   Regional Office
Meteorological Data   Nick Witcraft, Tom Anderson
Method 5   Shannon Vogel, Michael Pjetraj
Mobile Sources: Implementation   Brian Phillips, Regina Hudock, Phyllis Jones, Dave Willis
Mobile Sources: Planning (modeling, alternative fuel vehicles, VMT, I/M)   Todd Pasley, Vicki Chandler, Randy Strait
Mobile Source Emissions Reduction Grants   Brian Phillips, Phyllis Jones
Modeling Protocol / Guidance   Tom Anderson
Modeling Requirements: Permits / Toxics   Tom Anderson
Modeling Requirements: Planning   Nick Witcraft
Mold - Indoors   Epidemiology 919-707-5900
Monitoring Stations   Joette Steger, Donnie Redmond, Corey Mocka
Motor Fuel Sticker Tags   NC Motor Fuels - Toxics Division 919-733-3409  (Voice Mail)
MTBE   Brian Phillips
National Emissions Standards for HAPS   Patrick Knowlson, Robin Barrows
NCAS (BAR-90)   Dave Willis
NESHAPS   Patrick Knowlson, Robin Barrows
New Source Review Permit Requirements   Mark Cuilla, Booker Pullen
New Source Performance Standards (NSPS)   Michael Pjetraj, Shannon Vogel, Gary Saunders
Nitrogen Deposition (Hog or Pig Farms) + Animal Production   Gary Saunders
News Media & Press Releases   Tom Mather
Noise (Complaint Referrals)   NC OSH 919-733-3322
Non-Attainment   Sushma Masemore
NOD (Notice of Deficiency)   Michael Pjetraj, Thaochi Vu
NOV (Notice of Violations)   Michael Pjetraj, Thaochi Vu
Odor: Complaints   Regional Offices, Tom Mather
Opacity Reports   Dennis Igboko
Open Burning (Reporting Violations)   Regional Offices, Jeff Bouchelle
Opening Burning (Civil Penalties)   Michael Pjetraj, Thaochi Vu
OSHA Training   Wanda Hughes
Outdoor Burning   Regional Office
Outside Involvement Committee   Betty Gatano
Ozone Alert   See: "Air Quality Action Day"
Ozone Ambient Levels   Jyoti Bapat, Joette Steger
Ozone Attainment / Planning   Sushma Masemore, Randy Strait
Ozone Forecasts   Nick Witcraft, Elliot Tardif, Bradley McLamb
Ozone Stratospheric Hotline   EPA 1-800-296-1996
Paint, Booth   Tony Pendola
(DEQ Environmental Assistance and Customer Service)
Paint, Lead Based   Environmental Health  Ed Norman 919-715-3293
Particulate Matter   Joette Steger, Corey Mocka
Particulate Matter Forecast Mets   See: "Forecast Meteorologists"
Payments for Civil Penalties   Amy Vanderkop
Performance Partnership   Ronald Jackson
Permit Application Fees   Mark Cuilla
Permit for Service Station Air Compressor   DOA Standards Division 919-733-3313
Permit Requirements   Mark Cuilla
Pesticides being sprayed   Dept. of Agriculture/Pesticides Division 919-733-3556
Photochemical Modeling   Nick Witcraft, Randy Strait
Pig Farms (see also Hog Farms or Nitrogen Deposition) Animal Production   Gary Saunders
PM Attainment Planning   Randy Strait, Sushma Masemore
Pollen Database   Jim Bowyer
Pollution Prevention & Environmental Assistance   (for DEQ)
DEQ Environmental Assistance and Customer Service
1-877-623-6748 or 919-707-8100
(for Air Quality)
Bernard McKee 919-707-8438
Powerlines - Dangers of Living Near Them   Epidemiology   Peter Morris 919-715-6422
Printing MACT   Patrick Knowlson, Robin Barrows
Program Funding   Ronald Jackson
Program Planning   Sushma Masemore, Mike Abraczinskas
Program Policy   Sheila Holman, Mike Abraczinskas
PSD: Prevention of Significant Deterioration - Monitoring   Donnie Redmond, Joette Steger
PSD: Prevention of Significant Deterioration - Permitting   Booker Pullen
Public Hearings - Rule Development   Joelle Burleson
Public Information   Tom Mather
RACT   Charlie Yirka
Radar Profilers   Nick Witcraft, Elliot Tardif, Bradley McLamb
Radon Monitoring   (Radiation Protection) 919-571-4141
Recommendations for Enforcement   Michael Pjetraj
Recycling Assistance   Scott Miles 919-707-8114, Rob Taylor 919-707-8139
Refrigerants (CFC's)   EPA - Wendell Reed 404-562-9215
Regional Strategic Implementation Plan   Sushma Masemore, Randy Strait, Mike Abraczinskas
Regulations / Rules   Joelle Burleson
Released Quantity of Toxics (RQ)   Report to Emergency Management 919-733-3867
Risk Management Planning   Mike Reid
Safety Equipment / Safety Issues   Wanda Hughes
Sampling - Ambient Air   Donnie Redmond, Lori Cherry, Joette Steger, Jim Bowyer
SARA Toxic Release Inventory (TRI)   Div. Emergency Management, 919-733-3300
Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)   Candace Prusiewicz, Nancy Jones
Small Business Assistance Program   Tony Pendola
DEQ Environmental Assistance and Customer Service
1-877-623-6748 or 919-707-8100
Small Business Ombudsman   Tony Pendola
DEQ Environmental Assistance and Customer Service
1-877-623-6748 or 919-707-8100
Smoking Vehicles   Phyllis Jones
Solvents / Adhesives   Jim Bowyer
Source Ambient Sampling   Joette StegerJyoti Bapat
Source Dispersion Modeling   Tom Anderson
Source Sampling   Shannon Vogel, Michael Pjetraj
Source Testing Reports, Review   Shannon Vogel, Michael Pjetraj
Stack Testing   Shannon Vogel, David Hughes, Gregg O'Neal, Jim Hammond
Stage I & Stage II Vapor Recovery   Brian Phillips, Regina Hudock, Steven Rice
State of the Environment Report   DEQ Public Affairs 919-707-8602
State Implementation Plan (SIP)   Sushma Masemore, Randy Strait
Stationary Source Guidelines   Michael Pjetraj
Sulfur Content of Fuel Reports   Dennis Igboko, Michael Pjetraj
Sulfur Dioxide Monitoring   Jyoti Bapat, Joette Steger
Synthetic Minor Permitting   Regional Office
Tank Truck Tightness Certification   Regina Hudock, Brian Phillips
Tax Certifications   Regional Office
Tier II Report   NC Division of Emergency Management
Brian Barnes 919-825-2255
Title IV Permitting / Acid Rain   Ed Martin, William Willets
Title V Permitting   William Willets, Mark Cuilla
Title V Retrievals & Reports   Kathy Hash
Toxics: Chemical Questions   Jim Bowyer, John Holland
Toxics: Emissions Inventory   Tammy Manning, Robin Barrows
Toxics: Investigations   Donnie Redmond
Toxics: Permit Reviews   William Willets, Mark Cuilla
Toxics: Release Inventory (TRI)   NC Division of Emergency Management
Brian Barnes 919-825-2255
Toxics: Regulations & Applicability   Joelle Burleson, Patrick Knowlson
Training (Technical)   Wanda Hughes
Transportation Conformity   Todd Pasley, Phyllis Jones
Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)   Phyllis Jones
Trends Report / Air Quality   Donnie Redmond, Lori Cherry
Truck Stop Electrification   Vicki Chandler
Underground Storage Tanks (Permitting Fees)   Waste Management 919-707-8171
Underground Storage Tanks (Vapor Recovery)   Brian Phillips, Regina Hudock, Steven Rice
UST Forms   Regina Hudock, Steven Rice
Vapor Recovery   Brian Phillips, Regina Hudock, Steven Rice
VISTAS, Visibility / Regional Haze   Sushma Masemore, Mike Abraczinskas
VOC (Volatile Organic Chemicals) Testing   Shannon Vogel, Michael Pjetraj
VOC Permit Requirements   Booker Pullen
VOC Rules   Joelle Burleson
Waivers, Vehicle Emissions Inspection   1-877-421-0020, 919-861-3185
Waste Management   General Number 919-707-8200
Weather Forecasts   Nick Witcraft, Elliot Tardif, Bradley McLamb
Webmaster   Tom Mather
Web Site Address   /about/divisions/air-quality
Wood Furniture MACT   Patrick Knowlson, Robin Barrows
Woodstoves   Jonathan Navarro, Jeff Bouchelle
Zoning Consistency Determination Requests   Regional Office
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