Exemption Calculator

If your vehicle is light-duty, gasoline powered, three years old or less with less than 70,000 miles and registered in one of the 22 emissions counties (map), it may be exempt from an emissions inspection under General Statute 20-183.2 (link is external). Exempted vehicles will receive a safety-only inspection. Starting December 1, 2019, vehicles with a model year witin in 20 years of the current year will require a safety and emissions inspection. The calculator on this page will help determine if your vehicle should receive a safety and emissions inspection or a safety-only inspection.

For additional information try the 3-Year and 70,000 Miles Exemption FAQ

For Registration help contact the NC DMV helpdesk at 1-877-421-0020.



    Step 1, Enter the Current Calendar Year: (or your registration Expiration Year)  

    Step 2, Enter your Vehicle Model Year: (on your Registration Card see below, on the vehicle’s door post or contact the DMV helpdesk at 1-877-421-0020) 

    Step 3, Enter your Vehicle Odometer Mileage: (no commas; ie. 30000) 

    Step 4,     []


    [    []

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Note to motor vehicle dealers:
Do not use this calculator for a new motor vehicle as defined by NC General Statute 20.183.2 (b) (7) (never titled).  All new vehicles sold in North Carolina receive a safety-only inspection that is concurrent to the first year of this rule.

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