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3 Year and 70,000 Miles Exemption Calculator

If your vehicle is light-duty, gasoline powered, three years old or less, and registered in one of the 48 emissions counties (map), it may be exempt from an emissions inspection under General Statute 20-183.2 (link is external) (link is external). Vehicles with less than 70,000 miles and within the "three most recent model years" will receive a safety only inspection. The calculator on this page will help determine if your vehicle should receive a safety and emissions inspection or a safety-only inspection.

For additional information try the 3-Year and 70,000 Miles Exemption FAQ

For Registration help contact the NC DMV helpdesk at 1-877-421-0020.

    Step 1, Enter the Current Calendar Year: (or your registration Expiration Year)  

    Step 2, Enter your Vehicle Model Year: (on your Registration Card see below, on the vehicle’s door post or contact the DMV helpdesk at 1-877-421-0020) 

    Step 3, Enter your Vehicle Odometer Mileage: (no commas; ie. 30000) 

    Step 4,     []



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Note to motor vehicle dealers:
Do not use this calculator for a new motor vehicle as defined by NC General Statute 20.183.2 (b) (7) (never titled).  All new vehicles sold in North Carolina receive a safety-only inspection that is concurrent to the first year of this rule.

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