Marine Fisheries

What We Do

The North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) is responsible for the stewardship of the state's marine and estuarine resources. The DMF's jurisdiction encompasses all coastal waters and extends to 3 miles offshore. Agency policies are established by the 9-member Marine Fisheries Commission and the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Quality. North Carolina is a member of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council and the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council.

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Fish Identification

How can I find out what kind of fish this is?

Here's how -- with our Fish Finder. We've categorized the fish which are commonly found in coastal North Carolina into several sections. Fish are categorized either by species (tunas, billfish, etc) or by the locations where they are most commonly found. We have also listed all the fish by name only in an alphabetical glossary.

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Recreational Fishing Reports

DMF interviews anglers throughout coastal areas to estimate the marine recreational fishing catch. Regional fishing reports are updated weekly and compiled by DMF port agents as they observe and interview fishermen at access sites along the coast.

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