Wetlands :: Restoration

The Division of Coastal Management has developed a procedure for mapping potential wetland restoration and enhancement sites. This procedure uses geographic information systems (GIS) to locate potential wetland restoration and enhancement sites. It also identifies the type of wetland that could be restored or enhanced as well as the type of disturbance that has occurred at each site. DCM is also developing a model to assess the functions these sites would potentially replace in a watershed. For more information on this mapping procedure please download our technical documents.

DCM has also been collecting information on wetland restoration, creation, enhancement and preservation sites. The Wetland Protection Site Database includes sites in the 20 coastal counties of North Carolina. It includes restored, created, enhanced and preserved wetlands and submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) or "sea grass beds" constructed for compensatory mitigation, shoreline stabilization, conservation, mitigation banking and research.

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