Contact DEMLR - Fayetteville Regional Office

Map of CountiesAddress:

225 Green Street, Suite 714,
Fayetteville, NC 28301-5095 

Phone: 910-433-3300
Fax: 910-486-0707

Fayetteville Regional Office Staff:

Name Title Phone Number
Tim LaBounty Engineering Supervisor II 910-433-3300
Chris Baker Environmental Engineer II 910-433-3300
Lori Britt Environmental Specialist II 910-433-3300
Melissa Joyner Environmental Specialist II 910-433-3300
Mike Lawyer  Environmental Program Consultant 910-433-3300
Michael Lewis Environmental Specialist I 910-433-3300
Environmental Engineer I 910-433-3300
Penny Markle Environmental Specialist I 910-433-3300
Nick Mills Environmental Specialist I 910-433-3300
Jodi Pace Environmental Engineer II 910-433-3300
Bailey Taylor Environmental Specialist II 910-433-3300

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