Nutrient Offset ILF Program Information

Nutrient Offset ILF Program Information

Customers are encouraged to consult the Division of Water Resources Non-Point Source Branch Web pages for detailed information on nutrient offset payments, applicable rules and reporting requirements early in their site planning process. Customer payment data can be found using link at the bottom of this page.  Participation in the DMS Nutrient Offset Program is voluntary. Applicants wishing to access DMS Nutrient Offset Program must complete and submit the nutrient offset payment request form.

All requests to make a payment must be accompanied by a copy of the letter from the local government verifying the buy-down requirements, as well as a signed statement of compliance with G.S. 143-214.26.  Before accepting any nutrient payment, DMS is required to consider the financial, temporal and technical ability of the program to satisfy the mitigation request. 

Once DMS has agreed to accept payment, applicants will be notified in writing by the In-Lieu Fee Program Coordinator. DMS cannot accept a payment until a DMS acceptance letter has been issued. Payment letters are valid for 30 days.  Updated payment letters will use the rates in place on the date the they are issued. 

DMS will provide appropriate documentation as soon as possible after payment receipt. All payments made to DMS are subject to our refund policy.

DMS In-Lieu Fee Contact Information

All inquiries related to ILF requests, invoicing and payments should be directed to Kelly Williams at or at 919-707-8915.

Receipts/Requirements for Nutrient Offset Program (updated at least biannually)