Electronics Purchase Information for Local and State Agencies

North Carolina General Statute 143B-1357, establishes that "no State agency, local political subdivision of the State, or other public body shall purchase computer equipment or televisions, as defined in G.S. 130A-309.131, or enter into a contract with any manufacturer that the State CIO determines is not in compliance with the requirements of G.S. 130A-309.134 or G.S. 130A-309.135 as determined from the list provided by the Department of Environmental Quality."  The requirements for manufacturers include annual registration with the state, payment of annual registration fees, labeling provisions, submittal of recycling plans (for computer manufacturers only) and annual reporting.

The State CIO will make the list available to political subdivisions of the state and other public bodies. A manufacturer not in compliance with its requirements is also responsible in its own right for not selling or offering for sale computer equipment or televisions to the State, a political subdivision of the State, or other public body.

NCDEQ is maintaining the list of registered TV manufacturers and a list of registered computer equipment manufacturers and their current compliancy status. This list is changing frequently as manufacturers meet a rolling set of deadlines set out in North Carolina General Statute 130A Article 9 Part 2H. Manufacturers not listed on the site are not in compliance with the Session Law’s provisions. Local and state agencies are encouraged to consult the posted list prior to purchasing computer equipment and televisions to ensure their own compliance with the requirements under the law.

Questions about the North Carolina electronics recycling program and requirements contact: John Patrone at john.patrone@ncdenr.gov or (336) 776-9673 or Mary Johnson at mary.johnson@ncdenr.gov or (919) 707-8236.