Division of Water Infrastructure SRF Environmental Documents

This page provides the final environmental documents prepared for projects funded through the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) programs.

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OwnerProject DescriptionDate IssuedDocument TypeProgramFile
Brunswick CountyTown of Navassa Water Distribution System Rehabilitation8/24/2021CEDWSRFBrunswick Co CE 2021
Washington - City ofWTP Emergency Generator8/19/2021CEDWSRFWashington CE 2021
Kinston - City ofBriery Run Phase V Sewer Rehabilitation8/4/2021CECWSRFKinston CE 2021
Hickory - City ofSolids Handling Facility Upgrade Henry Fork WWTF7/26/2021CECWSRFHickory CE 2021
Yadkin Valley Sewer Authority2020 Collection System Rehabilitation Part I (Pipeline Rehab)7/26/2021CECWSRFYVSA CE 2021
Oxford - City of2018 Water Line Replacements7/29/2021CEDWSRFOxford CE 2021
Ellerbe - Town ofWastewater System Improvements7/1/2021CECWSRFEllerbe CE 2021
Southeast Regional Airport AuthorityCollection System Improvements - Pell Road7/1/2021CECWSRFSRAA CE 2021
Swepsonville - Town ofVirginia Mills Outfall and Hillside Outfall6/21/2021CECWSRFSwepsonville CE 2021
Walstonburg - Town ofWastewater Improvements6/18/2021CECWSRFWalstonburg CE 2021
Kinston - City ofNC GTP Terminal Water Line Replacement6/10/2021CEDWSRFKinston CE 2021
Whitakers - Town ofSewer Collection System Rehabilitation6/10/2021CECWSRFWhitakers CE 2021
Everetts - Town of2020 Wastewater System Improvements6/9/2021CECWSRFEveretts CE 2021
Liberty - Town ofCollection System Improvements5/14/2021CECWSRFLiberty CE 2021
Bailey - Town of2020 Sanitary Sewer Collection Lines5/7/2021CECWSRFBailey CE 2021a
Winterville - Town ofPump Station Rehabilitation4/26/2021CECWSRFWinterville CE 2021
Albemarle - City ofSanitary Sewer Rehabilitation4/22/2021CECWSRFAlbemarle CE 2021
Contentnea Metropolitan Sewerage DistrictWWTP Berm Replacement4/22/2021CECWSRFContentnea CE 2021
Randleman - City ofWastewater Treatment Plant Facility Repairs and Upgrades4/22/2021CECWSRFRandleman CE 2021
North Wilkesboro - Town ofWater Treatment Plant Upgrade4/21/2021CEDWSRFNorth Wilkesboro CE 2021
Laurinburg - City ofLeith Creek WWTP Influent Pump Station4/5/2021CECWSRFLaurinburg CE 2021
Walnut Creek- Village ofLift Station Replacements3/25/2021CECWSRFWalnut Creek CE 2021
Johnston CountyWTP Efficiency Project3/17/2021CEDWSRFJohnston County FONSI 2021
Belhaven - Town ofWater Line Replacement, Water St., Edward St., and Riverview St.3/15/2021CEDWSRFBelhaven CE 2021
Brevard - City ofFinish Water Storage Tank3/15/2021CEDWSRFBrevard CE 2021 #2000
Brevard - City ofKing Street Waterline Replacement3/15/2021CEDWSRFBrevard CE 2021 #1999
Bailey - Town ofSewer Collection System Rehabilitation2/25/2021CECWSRFBailey CE 2021
Lucama - Town of2019 Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement and Pump Station Rehabilitation2/25/2021CECWSRFLucama CE 2021
Gastonia - City ofSoutheast Sewer Wastewater Collection System Improvements2/24/2021FONSICWSRFGastonia FONSI 2021
River Bend - Town ofWater Meter Replacement2/4/2021CEDWSRFRiver Bend CE 2021
Sharpsburg - Town ofSanitary Sewer Improvements1/29/2021CECWSRFSharpsburg CE 2021
Yadkin Valley Sewer AuthorityWWTP Dual Ditch Extended Aeration Blower Replacement1/19/2021CECWSRFYVSA CE 2021
Pittsboro - Town ofWastewater System Improvements1/5/2021FONSICWSRFPittsboro FONSI 2021
Bethel - Town of2020 Water System Improvements12/4/2020CEDWSRFBethel CE 2020
Whiteville - Town ofPhase 2 Sewer Improvements12/2/2020CECWSRFWhiteville CE 2020
Clayton - Town ofWater Reclamation Facility Capacity Expansion11/18/2020FONSICWSRFClayton FONSI 2020
Thomasville - City ofWaterline Replacements11/13/2020CEDWSRFThomasville CE 2020
Landis - Town ofSouth Upright Street Basin Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation10/12/2020CECWSRFLandis CE 2020
Murfreesboro - Town ofSanitary Sewer Rehabilitation10/12/2020CECWSRFMurfreesboro CE 2020
Pembroke - Town ofWastewater Treatment Plant Improvements10/6/2020CECWSRFPembroke CE 2020
Cape Fear Public Utilities AuthorityPump Station 14 Force Main Replacement9/29/2020CECWSRFCFPUA CE 2020
Waynesville - Town ofWastewater Treatment Plant Improvements9/16/2020CECWSRFWaynesville CE 2020
Rutherfordton - Town ofSewer to RS Central HS8/20/2020CECWSRFRutherfordton CE 2020
Fayetteville Public Works CommissionBig Rockfish Creek Sanitary Sewer Outfall and Lift Station Elimination8/10/2020FONSICWSRFPWC FONSI 2020
Biltmore Forest - Town of Greenwood Park Stream Restoration8/6/2020CECWSRFBiltmore Forest CE 2020
Greenville Utilities CommissionPhase 1 Water Treatment Plant Improvements7/29/2020FONSIDWSRFBiltmore Forest CE 2020
Henderson - City ofKerr Lake Regional Water Treatment Plant Upgrade7/24/2020FONSIDWSRFHenderson Warren FONSI 2020
Warren CountyKerr Lake Regional Water Treatment Plant Upgrade7/24/2020FONSIDWSRFHenderson Warren FONSI 2020
Johnston CountyWastewater Treatment Facility 4.0 MGD Expansion7/20/2020FONSICWSRFJohnston Co FONSI 2020
Greenville Utilities CommissionWater Main Replacement Phase II7/13/2020CEDWSRFGUC FONSI 2020
Brevard - City ofGallimore Road Sewer Basin Rehabilitation6/23/2020CECWSRFBrevard CE 2020
Contentnea Metropolitan Sewer DistrictNC Hwy 11 Pump Station Improvements6/5/2020CECWSRFContentnea CE 2020
Hendersonville - City ofRaw Water Intake and Water Treatment Plant Improvements5/14/2020FONSIDWSRFHendersonville FONSI 2020
Hickory - City ofMurray Basin Sanitary Sewer5/7/2020CECWSRFHickory CE 2020
Pilot Mountain - Town ofWWTP and Sewer Lift Station Improvement Project4/8/2020CECWSRFPilot Mountain CE 2020
Murfreesboro - Town ofSewer System Rehabilitation4/8/2020CECWSRFMurfreesboro CE 2020
Grifton - Town of2018 Water System Improvements4/1/2020CEDWSRFGrifton CE 2020
Hendersonville - City ofAshe St. Neighborhood and 4th Ave. Sewer Replacement3/11/2020CECWSRFHendersonville CE 2020
Manteo - Town ofShallowbag Sewer Pump Station Replacement2/7/2020CECWSRFManteo CE 2020
Dunn - City ofErwin Road Area 14-inch Waterline Abandonment and East Wake Street 2-inch Waterline: Water Distribution Rehabilitation2/4/2020CEDWSRFDunn CE 2020
Elizabeth City - City ofRaw Water Reservoir Rehabilitation2/4/2020CEDWSRFElizabeth City CE 2020
Lincoln CountyReepsville Road Interconnection2/3/2020CEDWSRFLincoln County CE 2020
Cleveland County WaterNew Clearwell and High Service Pump Station1/28/2020CEDWSRFCleveland County CE 2020
Pilot Mountain - City ofWater Line Replacement Simmons and Sunset Drive1/28/2020CEDWSRFPilot Mountain CE 2020
Sampson CountyFaison Highway Iron and Manganese Treatment Systems and Raw Water Main1/27/2020CEDWSRFSampson County CE 2020
Orange Water and Sewer AuthorityUniversity Lake Permanganate Facility1/23/2020CEDWSRFOWASA CE 2020 WIF 1983
Orange Water and Sewer AuthorityWest Cameron Avenue Waterline Replacement1/21/2020CEDWSRFOWASA CE 2020 WIF 1981
Orange Water and Sewer AuthorityBelt Filter Press No 1 Replacement1/15/2020CEDWSRFOWASA CE 2020 WIF 1980
Lenoir - City ofCrossroads Sewer Replacement1/13/2020CECWSRFLenoir CE 2020
Troutman - Town ofConnection to CHA Barium Campus1/9/2020CECWSRFTroutman CE 2020
Yadkin Valley Sewer AuthorityDutchman Creek Pump Station Elimination1/7/2020CECWSRFYVSA CE 2020
Newton - City of2nd Street Sewer Relocation1/7/2020CECWSRFNewton CE 2020
Charlotte WaterMallard Creek WRF Reuse Line Extension1/7/2020CECWSRFCharlotte CE 2020
Windsor - Town ofWastewater System Improvements1/7/2020CECWSRFWindsor CE 2020
Thomasville - City ofLiberty and Virginia Waterline Replacement Project1/2/2020CEDWSRFThomasville CE 2020 WIF 1971
Thomasville - City ofLitwin and Fleet Darr Roads Waterline Replacement Project1/2/2020CEDWSRFThomasville CE 2020 WIF 1970
Thomasville - City ofLambeth Knolls Waterline Replacement Project1/2/2020CEDWSRFThomasville CE 2020 WIF 1961
Enfield - Town ofPhase 6 Water System Improvements12/23/2019CEDWSRFEnfield CE 2019
Tuckaseigee Water and Sewer AuthorityWWTP No 2 Improvements - Phase II12/17/2019CECWSRFTuckaseigee CE 2019
Thomasville - City ofWater Line Replacement Project12/9/2019CEDWSRFThomasville CE 2019
Landis - Town ofSanitary Sewer Lift Station Replacements12/6/2019CECWSRFLandis CE 2019
Mount Holly - Town ofSouth Gateway Wastewater Treatment Project11/25/2019CECWSRFMount Holly CE 2019
Louisburg - Town ofWRF Clarifier Improvements11/22/2019CECWSRFLouisburg CE 2019
Fayetteville Public Works CommissionRockfish Creek Basin Peak Flow Facilities10/21/2019FONSICWSRFFayetteville PCW FONSI 2019
Jamesville - Town ofWater Treatment Plant Replacement10/8/2019CEDWSRFJamesville CE 2019
Sampson CountyJohnston County Interconnection Phase 110/2/2019CEDWSRFSampson County CE 2019
Lincoln CountyKillian Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade8/16/2019FONSICWSRFLincoln County FONSI 2019
Roper - Town of2018 Water System Improvements9/17/2019CEDWSRFRoper CE 2019
Winterville - Town ofSanitary Sewer System Rehabilitation7/3/2019CECWSRFWinterville CE 2019
Ayden - Town of 2016 Sanitary Sewer Replacement6/17/2019CECWSRFAyden CE 2019
Snow Hill - Town of2018 Water System Improvements - Amendment6/17/2019CEDWSRFSnow Hill CE 2019 Amended
Edenton - Town ofWell Rehabilitation and New Ground Water Storate Tank5/29/2019CEDWSRFEdenton CE 2019
Kinston - City ofGreenmead Waterline Replacement5/28/2019CEDWSRFKinston CE 2019
Greene County2018 Water System Improvements5/16/2019CEDWSRFGreene CE 2019
Oxford - City of2017B Water Line Replacements5/10/2019CEDWSRFOxford CE 2019 (2)
Lumberton - City ofSanitary Sewer Collection System 2018 Priority Repairs4/22/2019CECWSRFLumberton CE 2019
Franklin CountyWWTP Rehabilitation4/17/2019CECWSRFFranklin County CE 2019
Oxford - City of2017 B Sewer Line Replacement4/8/2019CECWSRFOxford CE 2019
East Yancey Water and Sewer DistrictEast Yancey County Sewer Improvements Phase 23/18/2019CECWSRFEast Yancey WSD CE 2019
Hookerton - Town ofWell Number 2 Generator3/14/2019CEDWSRFHookerton CE 2019
Warsaw - Town of2017 Sanitary Sewer Improvements2/28/2019CECWSRFWarsaw CE 2019
Valdese - Town ofMain Street Water Line Replacement Project2/26/2019CEDWSRFValdese CE 2019
Junaluska Sanitary DistrictWater Infrastructure1/25/2019CEDWSRFJunaluska CE 2019
Goldsboro - City ofWater Treatment Enhancement/Plate Settlers Project1/23/2019FONSIDWSRFGoldsboro FONSI 2019
Snow Hill - Town of2018 Water System Improvements1/22/2019CEDWSRFSnow Hill CE 2019
Thomasville - City of2018 Water System Improvements1/8/2019CEDWSRFThomasville CE 2019
Robersonville - Town ofWater System Improvements1/3/2019CEDWSRFRobersonville CE 2019
Goldsboro - City ofWater System Improvements11/7/2018CEDWSRFGoldsboro CE 2018
Thomasville - City ofHanks's Branch Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Phase II10/31/2018CECWSRFThomasville CE 2018
Reidsville - City ofImprovements to Wastewater Treatment Plant10/29/2018CECWSRFReidsville CE 2018
Troutman - Town of2018 Collection System Rehabilitation Project10/29/2018CECWSRFTroutman CE 2018
Oxford - City of2018 Sewer Line Replacements10/8/2018CECWSRFOxford CE 2018
Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Utility CommissionNeilson Water Treatment Plant Modernization9/21/2018CEDWSRFWinston-Salem Forsyth CE 2018
Johnston CountyMcGee's Crossroads Sewer Upgrade7/26/2018CECWSRFJohnston County CE 2018
Valdese - Town of2018 Water System Upgrades Project6/21/2018CEDWSRFValdese CE 2018
Burke CountyEckard Creek Pump Station Rehabilitaiton6/11/2018CECWSRFBurke County CE 2018
Broad River Water AuthorityElms Acres Waterline5/30/2018CEDWSRFBroad River CE 2018
Plymouth - Town ofWWTP Rehabilitation & Improvements5/30/2018CECWSRFPlymouth CE 2018
Marshville - Town ofBooster Pump Station Replacement and Water Main Extensions4/18/2018CEDWSRFMarshville CE 2018
Thomasville - City ofHank's Branch Sanitary Sewer Rehab Phase I4/9/2018CECWSRFThomasville CE 2018
Charlotte - City of/Charlotte WaterMcAlpine Creek WWMF Rehabilitation and Process Improvements Project2/28/2018CECWSRFCharlotte CE 2018
St. Pauls - Town ofWastewater Collection System Rehabilitation2/28/2018CECWSRFSt. Paul CE 2018
Davie CountyEast Davie Wastewater Collection2/12/2018FONSICWSRFDavie FONSI 2018
Mocksville - Town ofDutchman's Creek WWTP Renovation12/20/2017CECWSRFMocksville CE 2017
Mount Gilead - Town of2017 Wastewater Improvements11/21/2017CECWSRFMount Gilead CE 2017
Henderson - City ofYoung Avenue AC Water Line Replacement (Division 2)11/16/2017CEDWSRFHenderson CE 2017
Shelby - City ofWater Treatment Plant - Rehabilitation and Upgrades Project11/1/2017CEDWSRFShelby CE 2017
Cleveland CountyLattimore Area Water System and Storage Tank Improvements10/17/2017CEDWSRFCleveland Co CE 2017
La Grange - Town ofWWSRP Inflow & Infiltration Abatement Project10/11/2017CECWSRFLa Grange CE 2017
Ayden - Town of2016 Sanitary Sewer Replacement9/18/2017CECWSRFAyden CE 2017
Jacksonville - City ofWardola-Thompson School Creek Restoration Project9/18/2017CECWSRFJacksonville CE 2017
Yadkin Valley Sewer Authority2017 WWTP Improvements9/18/2017CECWSRFYVSA CE 2017
Stanly CountyWest Stanly WWTP and Sanitary Sewer Improvements7/21/2017CECWSRFStanly Co CE 2017
Tuckaseigee Water and Sewer AuthorityValhalla Apartments Water System Consolidation7/12/2017CEDWSRFTuckaseigee WSA CE 2017
Saratoga - Town ofRoute 222/Church Street Water Line Replacement7/11/2017CEDWSRFSaratoga CE 2017
Valdese - Town ofSt. Germain Avenue Water System Improvements Project7/11/2017CEDWSRFValdese CE 2017
Tabor City - Town ofWWTP Rehabilitation6/30/2017CECWSRFTabor City CE 2017
Pamlico CountyReelsboro Elevated Storage Tank Replacement6/27/2017CEDWSRFPamlico Co CE 2017
Orange Water and Sewer AuthorityWater Treatment Plant Sedimentation Basin Rehabilitation6/16/2017CEDWSRFOrange CE 2017 (2)
Johnston CountySwift Creek Interceptor6/12/2017CECWSRFJohnston Co CE 2017
Orange Water and Sewer Authority Advanced Metering Infrastructure System5/19/2017CEDWSRFOrange CE 2017 (1)
Junaluska Sanitary DistrictHwy 209 - I-40 Sewer5/18/2017CECWSRFJunaluska SD CE 2017 (2)
Elkin - Town ofRaw Water System Improvements5/9/2017FONSIDWSRFElkin FONSI 2017
Taylorsville - Town ofWWTP Solar Power Improvements4/27/2017CECWSRFTaylorsville CE 2017
Albemarle - City ofSanitary Sewer Rehabilitation - Phase 2 and WWTP Rehabilitation4/11/2017CECWSRFAlbemarle CE 2017
Hendersonville - City ofMulti-Area Streambank Restoration3/20/2017CECWSRFHendersonville CE 2017
Lumberton - City ofSanitary Sewer Collection System Improvements3/20/2017CECWSRFLumberton CE 2017
Raleigh - City ofNeuse River Resource Recovery Facility Bioenergy Recovery Program3/17/2017CECWSRFRaleigh CE 2017
Goldsboro - City ofPhase IV Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation3/16/2017CECWSRFGoldsboro CE 2017
Cape Fear Public Utility AuthoritySouthside WWTP Interim Rehabilitation3/15/2017CECWSRFCFPUA CE 2017 (4)
Cape Fear Public Utility AuthorityPump Station #10 Forcemain Replacement3/10/2017CECWSRFCFPUA CE 2017 (2)
Cape Fear Public Utility AuthorityPump Station #12 Forcemain Replacement3/10/2017CECWSRFCFPUA CE 2017 (3)
Junaluska Sanitary DistrictWater Infrastructure3/7/2017CEDWSRFJunaluska SD CE 2017 (1)
Cape Fear Public Utility AuthorityPump Station #137 Quail Woods Elimination2/13/2017CECWSRFCFPUA CE 2017 (1)
Charlotte - City ofSugar Creek WWTP Reliability Improvements2/3/2017CECWSRFCharlotte CE 2014
Handy Sanitary DistrictBadin Lake Regional Sewer Project - Amendment2/1/2017FONSICWSRFHandy SD FONSI 2017
Kings Mountain - City ofCleveland County Water System Improvements - Amendment1/11/2017FONSIDWSRFKing's Mountain FONSI 2017
Johnston CountyMcGee's Crossroad Sewer Upgrade12/15/2016CECWSRFJohnston Co CE 2016 (2)
Canton - Town ofCrossroad Hill Water Association Water System Consolidation Project11/6/2016CEDWSRFCanton CE 2016
Kinston - City ofBriery Run Sewer Rehabilitiation Phase IV11/1/2016CECWSRFKinston CE 2016
Wayne CountySanitary Sewer Rehabilitation10/28/2016CECWSRFWayne Co CE 2016
Winston-Salem - City ofMuddy Creek Aeration System Upgrades10/20/2016CECWSRFWinston-Salem CE 2016
Greenville Utilities CommissionCast Iron Water Main Rehabilitation Program9/13/2016CEDWSRFGreenville CE 2016 (2)
Rutherfordton - Town ofSewer Improvements Project9/8/2016CECWSRFRutherfordton CE 2016
Marshville - Town ofBooster Pump Station Replacement and Water Main Extension8/18/2016CEDWSRFMarshville CE 2016 (2)
Woodland - Town ofReplacement of Water Supply Well8/17/2016CEDWSRFWoodland CE 2016
Louisburg - Town ofWWTP Improvements8/15/2016CECWSRFLouisburg CE 2016
Fork Township Sanitary DistrictWater Improvements8/4/2016CEDWSRFFork Township SD CE 2016
Junaluska Sanitary DistrictWater Meter Replacement8/4/2016CEDWSRFJunaluska SD CE 2016
Henderson-Kerr Lake Regional WaterYoung Ave. AC Water Line Replacement7/18/2016CEDWSRFHenderson CE 2016
Winterville - Town ofElevated Water Tank and Distribution System Improvements7/18/2016CEDWSRFWinterville CE 2016
Roanoke Rapids Sanitary DistrictLower Roanoke Outfall and Sub Basin A Sewer Rehabilitation6/29/2016CECWSRFRoanoke Rapids CE 2016
Thomasville - City ofPilot Drive Area Water Line Improvements6/23/2016CEDWSRFThomasville CE 2016 (2)
Rutherford College - Town of2015 Water System Improvements6/22/2016CEDWSRFRutherford College CE 2016
Bessemer CityWaterline Replacement6/9/2016CEDWSRFBessemer City CE 2016
Oxford - City ofWater Tank Upgrade6/9/2016CEDWSRFOxford CE 2016
Bertie County Water District IIWater System Improvements/Water Loss Reduction5/26/2016CEDWSRFBertie County WD II CE 2016
Bertie County Water District IVRoxobel Water System Merger/Consolidation with Bertie County Water District IV5/18/2016CEDWSRFBertie County WD IV CE 2016
Sharpsburg - Town ofWater Distribution System Improvements5/2/2016CEDWSRFSaratoga CE 2017
Thomasville - City ofKennedy Road Area Waterline Improvements4/28/2016CEDWSRFThomasville CE 2016 (1)
Yadkin CountyEast Bend Waterline4/25/2016CEDWSRFYadkin Co CE 2016
Andrews - Town ofWastewater Treatment Plant Improvements3/23/2016CECWSRFAndrews CE 2016
Hickory - City ofGeitner Basin Sewer System Rehabilitation3/2/2016CECWSRFHickory CE 2016 (2)
Ayden - TownSanitary Sewer Rehabilitation2/25/2016CECWSRFAyden CE 2016
Hickory - City ofCentral Business District Sewer Replacement2/17/2016CECWSRFHickory CE 2016 (1)
Brevard - City ofNeely Road Pump Station and Equalization Improvements - Amendment2/12/2016FONSICWSRFBrevard FONSI 2016
Johnston CountyCleveland Consolidation Project2/9/2016CECWSRFJohnston Co CE 2016 (1)
Havelock -City ofWTP Backwash Solids Handling2/5/2016CECWSRFHavelock CE 2016
Boonville -Town ofWater Line Improvements2/2/2016CEDWSRFBoonville CE 2016
Greenville Utilities CommissionAir Distribution System Rehabilitation1/29/2016CECWSRFGreenville CE 2016 (1)
Washington - City ofSanitary Sewer Rehabilitation1/25/2016CECWSRFWashington CE 2016
Marshville - Town of North & West Basin Sewer Rehabilitation1/15/2016CECWSRFMarshville CE 2016 (1)
Walnut Cove - Town ofReplacement of 4 Pump Stations12/18/2015CECWSRFWalnut Cove CE 2015
Onslow Water and Sewer AuthorityHolly Ridge Sewer Improvements12/15/2015CECWSRFOnslow CE 2015
Louisburg - Town ofWWTP SCADA System Replacement10/28/2015CECWSRFLouisburg CE 2015
Johnston County2015 Sewer Rehabilitation Project10/13/2015CECWSRFJohnston Co CE 2015 (3)
Yadkin CountyEast Bend Water Transmission Main9/29/2015CEDWSRFYadkin Co CE 2015
Winterville - Town ofNew Regional Pump Station and Collection System Rehabilitation9/28/2015CECWSRFWinterville CE 2015
Eden - City ofJunction and Bridge Street Pump Station Rehabilitation9/21/2015CECWSRFEden CE 2015
Bay River Metropolitan Sewer DistrictOriental Sewer Collection System Rehabilitation Phase 29/15/2015CECWSRFBay River CE 2015
Boonville - Town ofSanitary Sewer Replacement9/10/2015CECWSRFBoonville CE 2015 (1)
Boonville - Town ofWastewater Treatment Plant Improvements9/10/2015CECWSRFBoonville CE 2015 (2)
Winston-Salem - City ofMuddy Creek WWTP Combined Heat and Power8/7/2015CECWSRFWinston-Salem CE 2015 (2)
Albemarle - City of2014 Leachate System Upgrade8/5/2015CECWSRFAlbemarle CE 2015
Morehead City - Town of2014 West End Pump Station & Force Main7/29/2015CECWSRFMorehead City CE 2015
Yadkin Valley Sewer Authority2015 WWTP Improvements Project7/29/2015CECWSRFYVSA CE 2015
Taylorsville - Town ofCollection System Rehabilitation Project7/20/2015CECWSRFTaylorsville CE 2015 (1)
Taylorsville - Town of2015 WWTP Rehabilitation7/20/2015CECWSRFTaylorsville CE 2015 (2)
Granite Falls - Town ofWaste Sludge Storage Tank7/13/2015CECWSRFGranite Falls CE 2015 (2)
Lenoir - City ofWater Treatment Plant Improvements6/23/2015CEDWSRFLenoir CE 2015
Brevard - City ofNeely Road Pump Station and Force Main Rehabilitation6/16/2015FONSICWSRFBrevard FONSI 2015
Randleman - City ofWWTP Air Supply Piping and Diffuser System6/16/2015CECWSRFRandleman CE 2015
Kinston - City ofQueen Street Sewer Rehabilitation Phase 26/9/2015CECWSRFKinston CE 2015 (2)
Pittsboro - Town ofSanitary Sewer I&I Rehabilitation6/2/2015CECWSRFPittsboro CE 2015
Franklin - Town ofWater Treatment Plant Upgrage - Phase I5/7/2015CEDWSRFFranklin CE 2015
Kinston - City ofBiosolids Dryer4/7/2015CECWSRFKinston CE 2015 (1)
Gastonia/Two Rivers UtilitiesWTP Renovation and Upgrade Project4/6/2015CEDWSRFGastonia CE 2015 (2)
Gastonia/Two Rivers Utilities4 MGD Clearwell Construction3/23/2015CEDWSRFGastonia CE 2015 (1)
Goldsboro - City ofStoney Creek Sanitary Sewer Outfall3/5/2015CECWSRFGoldsboro CE 2015
Pender CountyWastewater Handling System Modifications at Solid Waste Transfer Station3/2/2015CECWSRFPender Co CE 2015
Winston-Salem - City ofElledge WWTP Aeration System Upgrades3/2/2015CECWSRFWinston-Salem CE 2015 (1)
Haw River - Town ofSewer Rehabilitation2/25/2015CECWSRFHaw River CE 2015
Yanceyville - Town ofWWTP Solids Storage and Handling Improvements2/25/2015CECWSRFYanceyville CE 2015
Charlotte - Mecklenburg Utilities DepartmentCombined Heat & Power Facility at McAlpin Creek WWMF2/5/2015CECWSRFCharlotte CE 2015
Granite Falls - Town ofWWTP Improvements Phase I2/4/2015CECWSRFGranite Falls CE 2015 (1)
Brevard - City ofKings Creek Phase III Sewer Rehabilitation2/2/2015CECWSRFBrevard CE 2015
Johnston CountySewer Rehabilitation1/28/2015CECWSRFJohnston Co CE 2015 (1)
Belmont - City ofSanitary Sewer Rehabilitation1/26/2015CECWSRFBelmont CE 2015
Spindale - Town ofWWTP Rehabilitation1/21/2015DMCACWSRFSpindale DMCA 2015
Alexander CountyWater System Improvements12/9/2014CECWSRFAlexander County CE 2014
Stanley - Town ofSewer Interconnect Phase II10/27/2014CECWSRFStanley CE 2014
Morganton - City ofReplace Failing Clearwells9/26/2014CEDWSRFMorganton CE 2014
Biscoe - Town ofWWTP Improvements9/10/2014DMCACWSRFBiscoe CE 2014
Onslow Water and Sewer AuthorityWestern Onslow Trunk Sewer Phase II - Elimination of Kenwood WWTP9/4/2014DMCACWSRFOnslow DMCA 2014
Lake Waccamaw - Town ofPhase 5 Sewer Improvements9/2/2014DMCACWSRFLake Waccama DMCA 2014
Greenville Utilities CommissionPump Station Repairs and Improvements8/28/2014DMCACWSRFGreenville DMCA 2014 (2)
Anson CountySludge Lagoon and Dam Repair Project8/26/2014DMCACWSRFAnson County CE 2014
Winston-Salem Forsyth City/County Utilities CommissionSSES and Collection System Rehabilitation8/19/2014DMCACWSRFWinston-Salem Forsyth DMCA 2014
Greenville - City ofTown Creek Culvert8/18/2014DMCACWSRFGreenville DMCA 2014 (1)
Johnston CountyWTP Rehabilitation8/6/2014CEDWSRFJohnston Co CE 2014
Valdese - Town ofSewer System I/I Improvements8/4/2014DMCACWSRFValdese DMCA 2014
Belfast-Patetown SDRecover System Capacity due to CCPCUA Withdrawal Reductions7/21/2014CECWSRFBelfast CE 2014
Eastern Wayne SDRecover System Capacity due to CCPCUA Withdrawal Reductions7/21/2014CECWSRFEastern Wayne CE 2014
Northwestern Wayne SDRecover System Capacity due to CCPCUA Withdrawal Reductions7/21/2014CEDWSRFNorthwestern Wayne CE 2014
Southestern Wayne SD Recover System Capacity due to CCPCUA Withdrawal Reductions7/21/2014CECWSRFSoutheastern Wayne CE 2014
Brevard - City ofKings Creek Phase II Sewer Rehabilitation 5/13/2014DMCACWSRFBrevard DMCA 2014
Elm City - Town ofSystem-Wide Meter Replacement5/7/2014CEDWSRFElm City FONSI 2017
Winston-Salem Forsyth City/County Utililities CommissionMuddy Creek Consolidated Pump Station and Collection System Improvements2/21/2014FONSICWSRFWinston-Salem Forsyth FONSI 2014
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