512 NSalisbury Street
Archdale Building - Ground Floor Hearing Room
Raleigh, North Carolina
December 3, 2012
11:00 a .m.
General Statute § 138A-15 mandates that the Chairman inquire as to whether any member knows of any known conflict of interest or appearance of conflict with respect to matters before the Commission. If any member knows of a conflict of interest or appearance of a conflict, please
so state at this time.  
Stephen T. Smith, Chairman, Presiding
I.  Preliminary Matters
1.            Call to Order
II.         Action Items 
12-41          Request for Declaratory Ruling Cape Fear River Watch, Sierra Club, (pp 1-2)
Waterkeeper Alliance, and Western North Carolina Alliance
                  (AG) Frank Crawley
                              (Filings from the November 8, 2012 EMC Meeting)
                           Attachment A – Petitioner’s Motion for Declaratory Ruling (pp A1-460)
                           Attachment B – Request for Declaratory Ruling Supplement  (pp B1-15)
                              with enclosures
                  Attachment C – Petitioner’s Memorandum in Support of  (pp C1-15)
   December Ruling
Attachment D – Motion to Intervene  (pp D1-4)
Attachment E – Memorandum Supporting Denial of the (pp E1-9)
   Request for Declaratory Ruling
Attachment F – Petition for Declaratory Ruling Factual (pp F1-6)
Attachment G – DWQ Attachment No. 1 Facilities List (p G1)
   (an attachment to the Stipulations)
Attachment H – Response of NCDENR, DWQ in Opposition (pp H1-9)
 to Petitioners’ Request for a Declaratory Ruling                          


                              (Current Filings)
                              (SELC) D. J. Gerken (for Petitioners)  - POWERPOINT PRESENTATION
                                    EMC Supplement Letter 11-27-12 (pp 1-2)
                                    Attachment A – 1984 2L Rules (pp A1-5)
                        Attachment B – Internal DENR Emails (2009) (pp B1-4)
                        Attachment C – Internal DWQ Emails (2009) (p C1)
Attachment D – DOJ-DENR Email Exchange (2009) (pp D1-5)
Attachment E – DENR Draft Memo Re: DWQ Approach to (pp E1-2)
                           Coal Ash Ponds (2009)
                  (AG) Kathy Cooper/Don Laton (for DWQ) - POWERPOINT PRESENTATION
                        Attachment A – Brief of DENR, DWQ on the Merits of (pp A1-38)
                           Petitioners’ Request for Declaratory Ruling
                        Attachment B – Exhibit List (p B1)
                           Exhibit A – NCAC Title 15 Subchapter 2L Groundwater (pp Exi A1-10)
     Classifications & Standards - June 10, 1979
   Exhibit B – NCAC Title 15 Subchapter 2L Groundwater (pp Exi B1-16)
      Classifications & Standards - 11/08/83
   Exhibit C – NCAC Title 15 Subchapter 2L Groundwater (pp Exi C1-19)
      Classifications & Standards - Fall 1984
   Exhibit D – Hearing Officer’s Report & Recommendation (pp Exi D1-9)
   Exhibit E – Notice of Hearing (p Exi E1)
   Exhibit F – G/W Standards & Classifications – 3/13/1984 (pp Exi F1-17)
   Exhibit G – NCAC Title 15 Subchapter 2L Classifications (pp Exi G1-16)
      & WQ Standards – Current through 12/14/1989
   Exhibit H – Table of Contents Subchapter 2L G/W (pp Exi H1-17)
      Classifications & Standards
   Exhibit I – Summary and Recommendations of the (pp Exi I1-2)
      Hearing Officers
   Exhibit J – NCAC Title 15A Subchapter 2L Classifications (pp Exi J1-50)
      & WQ Standards – Current through 11/8/1993
   Exhibit K – Affidavit of S. Jay Zimmerman (pp Exi K1-5)
                  (Duke Energy) Charles Case - POWERPOINT PRESENTATION
                           Memo Submitted on Behalf of Intervenors (pp 1-23)
       Attachment A – Affidavit of Jeffrey J. Lyash (A1-4)
       Attachment B - Letter from Ellis Hankins, Executive Director (pp B1-2)
           for the North Carolina League of Municipalities
       Attachment C - Letter from S. Lewis Ebert, President and (pp C1-2)
           CEO for the North Carolina Chamber
       Attachment D - Letter from A. Preston Howard, Jr., P.E., (pp D1-3)
           President of the Manufacturers and Chemical Industry
           Council of North Carolina
       Attachment E - Letter from J. Russell Allen, Manager for the (pp E1-3)
           City of Raleigh
       Attachment F – Letter from Larry B. Wooten, President of the (pp F1-2)
           North Carolina Farm Bureau Federation, Inc.
       Attachment G - Letter from Deborah M. Johnson, Chief Executive (pp G1-2)
           for the North Carolina Pork Council, Inc.

III.    Concluding Remarks 

           By Commission Members
           By Directors
           By Counsel
           By Chairman
Adjournment AG012-03-12