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General Certifications

Isolated and other Non-404 Jurisdictional Wetlands and Waters Permits

Isolated and Other non-404 jurisdictional 
wetlands and waters Permit (Effective December 1, 2017)
IWGP10000  Impacts to isolated and other non-404 jurisdictional wetlands and waters


Nationwide Permits

To view or download Nationwide Permits from the US Army Corps of Engineers website, click here.

General Certification (Effective December 1, 2017) Description
NW  1 see note A Aids to navigation
NW  2 see note A Structures in artificial canals
NW  3 4132 Maintenance
NW  4 4132 Fish and Wildlife harvesting, enhancement and attraction devices and activities
NW  5 4132 Scientific measurement devices
NW  6 4132 Survey activities
NW  7 4132 Outfall structures and associated intake structures
NW  8 see note B Oil and gas structures on the outer continental shelf
NW  9 see note A Structures in Fleeting and Anchorage areas
NW  10 see note A Mooring buoys
NW  11 see note A Temporary recreational structures
NW  12 4133 Utility line activities
NW  13 4134 Bank stabilization
NW  14 4135 Linear transportation projects
NW  15 4136 U.S. Coast Guard approved bridges
NW  16 4137 Return water from upland contained disposal areas
NW  17 4138 Hydropower projects
NW  18 4139 Minor discharges
NW  19 4132 Major dredging
NW  20 4132 Oil spill cleanup
NW  21 see note B Surface coal mining operations
NW  22 4132 Removal of vessels
NW  23 4140 Approved categorical exclusions
NW  24 see note A Indian Tribe or State administered Section 404 programs
NW  25 4132 Structural discharges
NW  26 N/A [Reserved] (Expired - previously above headwaters)
NW  27 4134 Aquatic habitat restoration, establishment and enhancement activities
NW  28 see note A Modifications to existing marinas
NW  29 4139 Residential developments
NW  30 4132 Moist soil management for wildlife
NW  31 4136 Maintenance of existing flood control facilities
NW  32 4132 Completed enforcement actions
NW  33 4141 Temporary construction, access and dewatering
NW  34 see note B Cranberry production activities
NW  35 4142 Maintenance dredging of existing basins
NW  36 4132 Boat ramps
NW  37 4143 Emergency watershed protection and rehabilitation
NW  38 4138 Cleanup of hazardous and toxic waste
NW  39 4139 Commercial and institutional developments
NW  40 4139 Agricultural activities
NW  41 4139 Reshaping existing drainage ditches
NW  42 4139 Recreational facilities
NW  43 see note B Stormwater management facilities
NW  44 4139 Mining activities
NW  45 4143 Repair of uplands damaged by discrete events
NW  46 4139 Discharges in ditches
NW  47 N/A NWP not in use. (Previously pipeline safety program designated time sensitive inspections and repairs)
NW  48 4175 Existing commercial shellfish aquaculture activities
NW  49 see note B Coal remining activities
NW  50 see note B Underground coal mining activities
NW  51 4139 Land Based Renewable Energy Generation Facilities
NW  52 4139 Water Based Renewable Energy Generation Pilot Projects
NW  53 4138 Low head dam removal
NW  54 4175 Living shorelines


Regional General Permits

To view or download Regional General Permits from the US Army Corps of Engineers website, click here.

Regional General 
General Certification (Effective December 1, 2017) Description
198200030 4145 Work in waters of lakes and reservoirs
198200031 4135 NCDOT bridges
198000048 4146 Emergency activities on ocean beaches
198700056 4132 Piers, docks and boathouses
198200079 4145 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reservoirs
197800080 4134 Bulkheads and riprap


Boat ramps & associated piers, docks and structures
198500194 4136 Artificial reefs
198200277 4142 Manmade basin and canals
198000291 4175 Issued to the NC Division of Coastal management - CAMA permits
199200297 4148 Discharge of material on state or federally owned property
199602878 4142 Dredge and discharge into federally authorized navigational channels
201600163  4147 CSWS Stormwater Projects
201801536 4175 Marsh sills within the 20 coastal counties


Other Permits

Nationwide or 
Regional General 
General Cerification (Effective December 1, 2017) Description
        - 4149 Underwater archaeological work
        - 4150 Coastal dune and shoreline stabilization
        - 4151 USACE dredging activities involving bank disposal of dredged material in the Cape Fear River
        - 4152 USACE dredging activities involving control of effluent disposal of dredged material in existing dredge maintenance sites within NC
        - 4153 Emergency dredging
        - 4154 Excavation and discharge of dredged materials associated with recreational placer mining activities in navigable waters and waters of the US;, Within known gold belts in the State of North Carolina
        - 4155 USACE Individual, Nationwide or Regional General Permits for drought-related impacts on streams and wetlands
        - 3925 (Effective 06/18/12) Proposed National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Vessel General Permit for Discharges Incidental to the Normal Operation of Vessels (VGP) and the proposed NPDES Small Vessel General Permit for Discharges Incidental to the Normal Operation of Vessels less than 79 Feet (sVGP)


  A: 401 Water Quality Certification not required

  B: General 401 Water Quality Certification not applicable; an Individual 401 Water Quality Certification required, along with Public Notice.  Neuse, Tar-Pamlico, Randleman, Goose Creek, Jordan or other Buffer Rules in effect are applicable to all projects, and require written concurrence for buffer and/or stream or wetland impacts, whether or not the Buffer Rules are explicitly stated in the General Certification, and whether or not the 401 impact requires written concurrence.

*Please note: If written concurrence is not required, click  here .

Expired General Certifications and Expired Isolated and Other Non-404 Jurisdictional Wetlands and Waters Permits, click here