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Water Quality Monitoring

The DWR's Estuarine Monitoring Team plays a large role in DWR's Ambient Monitoring System. Staff measures and collects a variety of water quality data within significant tributaries of the lower portions of the Neuse and Pamlico Rivers. These data are taken at least monthly and involve the collection of physical, chemical and bacterial pathogen samples at fixed stations.

The team also works collaboratively with other research agencies in monitoring field parameters (e.g. dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, salinity) to track conditions. Other cooperative research interests include fish disease, harmful algae, and harmful algal blooms.


Lower Pamlico, Neuse, Albemarle AMS Station Map Using Google Earth

Click here to view the Lower Neuse River Basin AMS stations.

Click here to view the Lower Pamlico River Basin AMS stations.

Click here to view the Albemarle Sound and adjacent tributary AMS stations.

See the navigation links to the left to view the Recent Water Quality Data for both Lower Neuse and PamlicoRiver Basins.


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