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Imagine A Day Without Water- October 12, 2017

We had some amazing submissions for our first year of "Imagine a Day Without Water" campaign!  Thank you so much to the teachers who took the time to have this conversation with their students, and thank you to the students who spent time creating submissions!  Here are the submissions.  If you submitted something and don't see it here, please email me!



While we aren't celebrating a day without water, we are definitely observing this day as an appreciation for the natural water resources available to us in North Carolina.  This page is full of submissions received in honor of this day.  Thank you to all the students (and teachers!) who took the time to reinforce the importance of water to our lives!  Take a look at some student work created:

This video was submitted by Christian and Andrew in Ms. Huffman's 6th-grade class, Carroll Leadership in Technology Middle School.  What a great short video!

A Day Without Water
By Banks Ketner
4th Grade
Ballentine Elementary
Mrs. Wall’s Class
Oct. 9, 2017
Imagine a day without water,
We would have no water to drink and would get De-Hydrated and will die and, if you have animals,
We would have no water to flush the toilet and everything would smell like crazy,
No shower to wash the dirt off ourselves and everyone would have dirt on themselves,
We would have no dishwasher to wash dishes and you would be having dirty dishes to eat off of,
No wash-a-ma-sheen to wash close during the day and you would wear dirty clothes for the day,
On the sink there is no water to wash off the soap so we could not wash our hands or have very soapy hands
That is what it would be like with a day without water!

A day without water
Emma Campbell
4th Grade
Ballentine Elementary
Mrs. Wall’s Class
Could you Imagine a day without water? I sure couldn’t. Some people
in the USA are suffering from scarcity of water. Some girls in some
countries have to walk 4+ miles to get water Just think about it,
your country is in danger because of lack of
water, something we use everyday! A Day Without
water is something us americans don’t think
about because we have water in our life
You couldn’t bake,drink,and go to any restaurants . No
coffee,flushing the toilet, or clean clothes. No tea,Soda ,lemonade,
or showers and baths. No sinks, sprinklers , or water bottles. These
are all things you can’t have without water.
You can help prevent this from happening . Take shorter showers,
don’t wait for the shower too change from cold too hot, and don’t run
the water while you’re brushing your teeth. These are just some
things you can do to help America have water for everyone.
If you put trash in your drain, that goes into your drinking water.
If you are walking by a storm drain don’t throw your gum wrappers or
yours chips bags ETC in them because that also goes into our drinking
water.If you wash your car with soap or fertilize your grass before
it rains, that all goes in our water. So DON’T do these things!!
Check the weather before you put on fertilizer and find the nearest
trash can NOT the nearest storm drain.
Next time you're drinking, showering ,or washing your hands,think
about how you would survive a day without water. Many people say they
can survive at least 2 days without water.What do you think?



Imagine A Day Without Water
Haley harbin
4th grade
October 9
Could you last a day without water? Well some people have
to live days without water. The water could be polluted, turned
toxic or maybe the clean water supply could have run out.
Without access to water there are many things you would not be
able to do.
Many people think they need water, but having access to
clean water might be a privilege. In some countries citizens
can’t take showers, baths or have flushable toilets. Also, there
are other privileges like having sinks or sprinklers to water your
grass. It is a big privilege to have clean drinkable water. I have
seen pictures where towns and countries have water bottles that
have brown yellow polluted water. In some counties girls have
to walk four or more miles to get clean water for their families.
If you had a day without water you would wake up with no
water to make coffee, no water to take a shower, and no water to
drink. Just think coffee and showers are just in the morning.
Think about not having water the rest of the day.
There are some ways we can help prevent water shortages.
You can take actions like not littering. Did you know that
whatever goes down the drain goes into a cleaning treatment that
after sends to wells and comes into our water supply. Don’t litter
and put pollution in our water supply.Also we can make sure we
put things we are supposed to have in our sinks and toilets and
make sure we don’t put and oils or other improper things in
them. We can have gardens to help preventing fertilizer getting
into your water supply too.We can also conserve water. Turn off
the water right after we are done using it. It helps prevent water
shortages and causes us to use less water.
Imagine some people have to live a day or more without access
to clean water. Let’s do our part and not pollute and conserve.

Imagine a day without water
By Henry Minogue
4th grade
Ballentine elementary
Imagine a day without water. No water
to drink. No water to take a shower with. No
water for firefighters to take out fires. You
could not flush your toilet or go to the
swimming pool. For years states have gone
days without water so just imagine a day
without any water. Now we will make sure
no american will have to go a day without

Imagine A Day Without Water
By: Joel Carranza
October 9th, 2017
Ballentine Elementary
4th Grade, Mrs Wall’s Classroom
If we had a day without water we wouldn’t be able to drink anything! We could
maybe survive but some might not. Some of us are lucky enough to have water
because we live in a country or town that tries to provide us with clean drinking water.
Some of us don’t have clean water.
What would happen?
People wouldn’t be able to eat because many times we use water to cook. Plants we
eat need water too. Humans also need to drink water, and to drink clean water. If you
don’t have enough water in your body you would get sick your organs might shut down
and will stop working. It there was a day without water nobody would have safe water to
buy and drink. If the day without clean water meant people were drinking toxic water
that could mean many people could get really sick!
What could we do?
We could stop littering because when you litter the waste goes into the sewer and toxic
things like Bleach could damage the water.Bleach has chemicals like Sodium
Hypochlorite and that can damage water. Other sorts of trash could damage water
severely. We have to stop littering and start saving our water so nobody has to witness
a day without water
What we use with water
We use sinks, toilets and more we kinda need water to survive on Earth so if
we lose water we lose mostly everything
What are people doing right now
Some people are working on taking care of our water right now. Some
people pick trash and litter out of water. This could help us learn more about
taking care of what we own because water could become scarce!
Imagine a day without water. People would go hungry and get sick. We would not
recognize water because it would have chemicals and trash. We would lose mostly
everything. I hope we don’t ever have a day without water.


This picture (below) shows some students from Ms. Schultz's 4th grade classroom exploring qualities of water!

Mrs. Schultz's 4th Graders at Dixon Rd. Elementary!























By Lukas Gajowiak
Ballentine Elementary
Mrs. Walls fourth grade class
Have you ever stopped and thought about what happens in the world. The water
shortage is growing and the water we drink is getting polluted. Then droughts dry up the
water and floods are destroying the water pipes and polluting the water we drink.
Because it is such a privilege to have clean affordable and reliable water we need to
conserve it so that the water we use stays longer, and so there's enough to give
everybody. Still with the economy rising in underdeveloped countries poor families can't
afford and have to salvage water from other non reliable sources. And if they can't boil
it they can get disease and horrible pains and if not treated fast enough. Polluted water
could even cause death. In some countries girls have to walk 4+ miles to get water .
If we went a day without water all the things you love like bathing and being able to
flush the toilet and drinking would be taken away. Many people don't know that all the
graywater and blackwater has to be treated and is put back into water systems. They
don’t know stormwater, and the water you use goes into storm drain and will end up in
the rivers and streams. Those rivers and streams run into the lakes and the lakes
eventually lead to the ocean and all the stuff that runs into the ocean will pollute the
water and kill marine life. So we need to be careful what goes down the drain and save
the world.
I hope we never have a day without water. To help you can donate money to help
innovate so no American has to go a day without water!

A Day Without Water
Lily Ann Matlock
4th Grade Ballentine Elementary
Mrs. Wall’s Classroom
Imagining a day without water is harder than you
think.You need water for lots of things like
showers,coffee,washing your hands,drinking,washing
dishes,watering plants, and for our pets.We use water
everyday.Many people don't know what they are doing
when they litter. When they litter it goes down the drain
and infects the water and people get sick. In fact 95% of
are body is made out of water.Without water there
wouldn't plants.So please don't litter.

A Day Without Water
By:Lizeth Roque Martinez
4th grade October 9 2017
Ballentine Elementary
Mrs Wall’s Class
I am doing this becauses North Carolina is losing water due to
littering and trashing the place. We also don’t conserve water. Imagine a
day without water. Plants would suffer and people would suffer. So please
listen to what I have to say, and take care of water!
If we had a day without water plants will die. Every plant on the earth
would be very dry.Plants need water to survive and grow so that we have
pretty things to look at, and food to eat. o
Imagine what it would be like for people to not have water. We couldn't
shower. We can't wash dishes and would have no water to drink. We would
have no clean clothes, and no clean hair to brush.We will have no water to
drink. Soda is made out of water.Lemonade is made out of water, and
many other drinks have water. Not to mention we wouldn’t have just drink
plain water. Our bodies need water to survive. It helps our blood and cells
do their job. People need water.
You can save water if you stop littering and putting bad things into
water. Let hope we never have a day without water. It would be terrible for
the earth and all the creature on it.


Imagine A Day Without Water
By Rachel Lake
October 9th
Ballentine Elementary
4th Grade
Mrs. Wall’s Class
Imagine a day without water, there would be no baths,
showers, drinking water, clean hands or clothes and the list
goes on.
Our country is at risk with all the lack of water.
Water is one of our most precious resources .You couldn't go
three days without it, yet many people don’t have the amount
needed. We need to conserve water.
If we start to conserve water now 1. We can protect fresh
drinking water resources 2. We can save money on household
utilities 3. Conserve energy needed to pump, heat,and treat
fresh water 4. Reduce harmful land erosion caused by
agricultural irrigation and 5. Maintain essential aquatic
ecosystems.These are only 5 reasons we need to conserve
You can help in the process to save water by doing small
things in your daily routine like when you're taking a shower
,don't waste cold water while waiting for warm water to reach
the shower head, and turn of the water while brushing your
teeth. Those are just 2 things that you can do in your everyday
lives.We all can make a difference in our community.


A Day Without Water
By Aiden Royal
4th Grade
Ballentine Elementary
Mrs. Wall’s Classroom
A day without water would
make it so there is no
water, not even a drip!
And without water there would be no water to put out
fires! Hospitals would close without water to clean the
patient's Wounds!
And if you do not take care of it you could die
without water. You would die because of dehydration
and your body would shut down and your brain would
stop working and when your brain stops everything
stops.And when people say everything stops they mean
it. You will not breath!
What can we do? That is the easiest thing
ever! First off we can stop littering. That is probably
the top issue of pollution.Last thing we can do is stop
letting big factories dump their junk in the water. We
could also conserve and not waste our water.