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Model Ordinances

Randleman Lake

Jordan Lake

Note that the following session laws and recent legislation have not been codified in the rules above, however they are all being implemented by DWR:

    SL 2011-394 (17) 20 coastal counties
    SL 2012(8) Neuse & Tam-Pamlico
    SL 2013-395(2) Jordan
    SL 2013-413(52)  Agricultural Ponds Exemption
    15A NCAC 02B .0295 Consolidated Buffer Mitigation Rules
    SL 2015-246, HB 44, G.S. 143-214.23A Riparian Buffer Reform
    SL 2017-209, HB 56 (Section 9 & 10) Amend Protection of Existing Buffer Rules: Public Safety & Catawba Public Walking Trails

Buffer Clarification Memos

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