Non-Discharge Groundwater Remediation

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Pump & Treat Non-Discharge Groundwater Remediation 

Non-discharge groundwater remediation systems are groundwater treatment systems that extract and treat contaminated groundwater. These include closed-loop groundwater remediation systems and typically use infiltration galleries or injection wells.  This does not include in-situ groundwater remediation wells, as defined by NCAC 15A 2C .0209(e)(3)(C), unless such a system includes the withdrawal, treatment, and reintroduction of the treated groundwater. In-situ groundwater remediation wells are regulated by the Underground Injection Control Program. Click here to access the application form.


Non-Discharge Groundwater Remediation Permits Fee Schedule
(effective September 1, 2007)

(see note 1)

Annual Fee Major Modification
(see note 2)
Minor Modification
(see note 3)

Major Permit Application
(> 10,000 gal/day)

$1310 $395 No Fee No Fee

Minor Permit Application
(< 10,000 gal/day )

$810 $245 No Fee No Fee


  1. For new permit requests, a fee equivalent to the corresponding annual fee is required. This fee is non-refundable if the permit request is denied or withdrawn. If the permit is granted, this fee applies as the annual fee for the first year after permit issuance.
  2. This fee is non-refundable if the permit request is denied or withdrawn. A major modification shall be defined as one that increases the volume, increases the pollutant load, results in a significant relocation of the discharge point, or results in a change in the characteristics of the waste generated.
  3. Minor permit modifications include name/ownership changes, corrections, and administrative amendments.