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Green Business Case Determinations

The following green business cases have been approved.

Applicant WIF# Project Description
Benson, Town of 1701 AMR Replacement
Broadway Water Association 1767 Replace 1,231 existing meters with automated meter reading (AMR) technology.
Conover, City of 1645 Pipe replacement Northeast and Southwest area water quality infrastructure improvements
1646 Highway 16 North Area water system water quality improvements (SCADA)
Elizabethtown, Town of 1626 AMR Replacement
Greensboro, City of 1656 Mitchell water treatment plant improvements
Johnston, County of 1679 Add 79 Master Meter testing ports to all remaining master meters and integrate water billing software and GIS system to support master meter data and calibration program.
Jones County 1634 AMR Replacement
Roanoke Rapids Sanitary District 1661 Filter Air Scour System at WTP to imporve water quality and reduce backwash water & electricity use
Snow Hill, Town of 1635 AMR Replacement
Wadesboro, Town of 1256 AMR Replacement