State environmental officials visit temporary storm debris site in Whiteville


State environmental officials visited Columbus County Tuesday to tour a temporary debris site set up to assist with recovery efforts from Hurricane Matthew. Under the direction of Governor Pat McCrory, the state environmental department activated 64 temporary debris sites for use in eastern North Carolina to collect yard waste, land clearing or demolition debris from the storm.

“The McCrory administration is doing everything it can to get the people affected by Hurricane Matthew back into their homes and back to their normal lives,” said Donald R. van der Vaart, secretary of the environmental department. “It’s amazing to see just how much debris is being hauled to this temporary debris site in Whiteville, but this is just the beginning. We understand that with the water gone, now starts the tough job of cleaning up the mess.”

Temporary debris sites are critical after any major storm to accelerate the cleanup process. These sites allow the organic debris to be reused when possible, such as grinding it up for mulch, and saves the landfills from being filled with material that can be recycled.

Secretary Donald R. van der Vaart, Chief Deputy Secretary John Evans and Columbus County Public Utilities Director Danny Fowler look on as a truck delivers debris at the site.

DEQ officials visit a temporary debris site in Whiteville, N.C.

A truck delivers debris to a temporary storage site in Columbus County.

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