DEQ Correspondence to Chemours regarding groundwater and air quality issues, clay pipes and alternate water solutions

Raleigh, NC

Four letters have been posted to the Department of Environmental Quality’s GenX Investigation webpage under “Hot Topics” (  

The topics of the letters are as follows:

  • “Permanent Alternative Drinking Water Supply Plan” – The Division of Waste Management, Hazardous Waste Section, reiterates the need for Chemours to work with Cumberland, Bladen and other counties and municipalities to develop a plan to offer permanent, safe alternative water supply to residents whose drinking water has been impacted by GenX or other PFAS compounds.
  • “NCDEQ Response to April 20th e-mail” – The Division of Waste Management, Hazardous Waste Section, reviewed communication from Chemours and determined Chemours must report all spills or releases of the facility under its current RCRA permit. Failure to do so may constitute a violation of its current RCRA permit.
  • “Onsite Characterization of Groundwater” – The Division of Waste Management, Hazardous Waste Section, outlines the additional information requested about the terracotta pipe described in Chemours’ April 9, 2018 letter as an additional source of PFAS to the perched aquifer zone.
  • “Chemours response to the Division of Air Quality May 11, 2018 letter” – Following the Division of Air Quality’s issuance of a 60-day notice of intent to modify the Chemours air quality permit (April 6) and receipt of response (April 27), the Division of Air Quality sent a letter on May 11 outlining additional details Chemours needed to provide regarding air and groundwater issues. Chemours responded May 18, providing the technical details that the divisions of Air Quality and Waste Management had requested.

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