Division of Air Quality to honor 7th Grade AQ-IQ contest winners

Raleigh, NC

The N.C. Division of Air Quality (DAQ) will celebrate the innovative ideas of state seventh graders Saturday at the N.C. Transportation Museum in Spencer on Saturday.  As part of the North Carolina 2018 AQ-IQ Contest, the students created projects highlighting air quality issues and their ideas for solving them.

DAQ scientists and educators had the pleasure of judging the 2018 AQ-IQ submissions in four categories: artistic projects, posters, games and videos. They were excited to see the creativity and effort that went into the projects this year. Director Abraczinskas will meet the students and recognize the student winners and the schools that participated during the event.  

“I’m so impressed by the creative ways the students explored air quality issues and I look forward to hearing more from them,” says Abraczinskas.

Schools that participated in the 2018 AQ-IQ contest are Holly Shelter Middle School, Hendersonville Middle School, River Bend Middle School, Chowan Middle School, Holy Trinity Catholic School, Erwin Middle School, Mills Park Middle School, Cuthbertson Middle School, Salem Middle School, Canton Middle School, and Woods Charter School.

The students will have a chance to explore North Carolina’s Transportation Museum, which features exhibits that explore the state’s extensive history of locomotives, automobiles, and aviation.  The museum is partnering with DAQ on both the awards ceremony and the Air Quality and Transportation Workshop for Teachers and Educators on the same day.

Submissions ranged from a model house fitted with solar panels to an interactive poster on particulate matter, to a variety of playable board games modeled after favorites like Monopoly or Clue, but with air quality twists.

WHAT:  North Carolina 2018 AQ-IQ Contest awards

WHEN:  11:30 AM, Saturday, July 14, 2018

WHERE: N.C. Transportation Museum  

                411 S. Salisbury Ave.  Spencer, NC 28159