State Requests Public Comment on Methyl Bromide Report


The North Carolina Division of Air Quality (DAQ) is requesting public comment on the methyl bromide report provided to the Secretaries’ Science Advisory Board. The Division of Air Quality is asking the Science Advisory Board to recommend an Acceptable Ambient Level (AAL) for the use of methyl bromide in log fumigation.  The 30-day comment period will be open until March 27, 2019.

The Risk Analysis and Acceptable Ambient Level Recommendation for Methyl Bromide report is the culmination of research and deliberations by the board, which provides guidance to the state departments of Environmental Quality and Health and Human Services as the agencies work to address contaminants statewide.

Adding methyl bromide to the list of state air toxics and establishing an acceptable ambient level (AAL) to guide regulation will protect the public health and provide regulatory certainty for future applicants and existing businesses. DAQ continues to work on a permanent rule with the guidance of the Secretaries’ Science Advisory Board and through the Environmental Management Commission.

The draft report, research documents, presentations and audio recordings of past board meeting discussions are available for review on the Department of Environmental Quality website

Risk Analysis and Acceptable Ambient Level Recommendation for Methyl Bromide
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The Secretaries’ Science Advisory Board includes 16 members that represent academic institutions and the public and private sectors. The board assists the Department of Environmental Quality and Department of Health and Human Services by providing guidance on how to manage contaminants to better protect public health and the environment.

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