Precautionary swimming advisory lifted for sound-side swimming area in Carteret County


State recreational water quality officials today lifted a precautionary swimming advisory for an area in Carteret County. The advisory was lifted because pumping has ceased, and dredge material is no longer being placed on the beach.

The precautionary advisory was posted May 17 at the beach area approximately 1,000 feet southeast of the public boat ramp adjacent to the ferry landing in Cedar Island. At the time, dredge material from closed shellfish waters was being placed on the beach, which is easily accessed by the public. Prohibited shellfishing waters can contain contaminants that can increase the risk of contracting gastrointestinal or other illnesses for those swimming or playing in waters that are affected.

The signs advising against swimming or otherwise coming into contact with the water have been removed and this area is now safe again for swimming and water play.

The N.C. Recreational Water Quality Program samples 209 sites in coastal waters of the state, most of them on a weekly basis from April through October.

For more information on the N.C. Recreational Water Quality Program, visit the program’s website, view a map of the testing sites, and follow the program’s Twitter feed.


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