Fishermen asked to track and prepare for Hurricane Isaias


The N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries is asking fishermen to keep a close eye on the progress of Hurricane Isaias and to start getting ready for the storm now.

While it is too soon to predict specific impacts, the storm may bring hurricane-force winds and heavy rainfall to coastal North Carolina that will likely cause rough seas and could produce some flooding, tornadoes, and storm surge.

Fishermen should remove fishing gear from the water well before the storm’s arrival. Crab pots and gill nets, especially, are prone to damage and displacement during storms.

Vessel owners should check their safety equipment to ensure all is in working order and plan to remove their boats from the water or take them to safe harbor as the storm approaches.

Fishermen should monitor NOAA Weather radio for storm updates and channel 16 on their marine radios for the latest U.S. Coast Guard emergency broadcasts.

Information about other hurricane preparations, as well as a free mobile app, can be found on the state Division of Emergency Management’s website at


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