DEQ Statement on Court Approval of Addendum to the Consent Order


Today, Bladen County Superior Court Judge Douglas Sasser approved the Addendum to the Consent Order requiring Chemours to take significant additional actions to reduce PFAS entering the Cape Fear River. The judge entered the Addendum in its entirety, which will mean expanded relief for downstream communities as the major pathways for PFAS pollution entering the Cape Fear River through residual groundwater contamination from the Fayetteville Works facility will be reduced by 99%.

Secretary Michael S. Regan offered the following comment:

“Today’s ruling means downstream communities will see continued improvements in water quality. These are necessary actions that protect everyone downstream who depends on the Cape Fear River. The addendum builds on the success of the Consent Order, requiring Chemours to deal with the residual contamination from their years of pollution.  

The Consent Order is one component of the broader effort to hold Chemours accountable.   DEQ continues to support state and community leaders’ efforts on additional strategies to address the downstream impact of the contamination from Chemours.”

All terms of the Addendum go into effect today.  DEQ will implement the Addendum with the full weight of the court’s contempt power behind the agency’s work to hold Chemours accountable.

The Addendum to the Consent Order between DEQ, Cape Fear River Watch and Chemours and related documents are available here.