Division of Water Resources Issues Notice of Violation to DC Mills Farms, Inc.

The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality Division of Water Resources (DWR) issued a Notice of Violation and Intent to Enforce to DC Mills Farms, Inc. related to a December 21 animal waste lagoon failure. Due to the lagoon failure, DC Mills Farm released an estimated one million gallons of untreated animal waste in Jones County.
The notice describes the multiple violations under General Permit AWG100000 including: failure to prevent the discharge of animal waste to surface waters, failure to designate an Operator in Charge, and failure to notify the public.  The notice also lists several required actions, including providing to DWR a plan of action for the repair of the lagoon, designating an operator with a valid certification and issuing a press release.
DWR staff inspected DC Mills Farm and determined the animal waste discharge originated from a hole that formed allowing wastewater to exit approximately 100 feet away to the southeast on the exterior of the lagoon. The animal waste flowed into Tuckahoe Creek, which feeds into the Trent River.  DWR continues to investigate the extent of the environmental impact and the cause of the failure.  Violations of state water quality standards or other regulations will be subject to further enforcement.
The Notice of Violation directs DC Mills Farms, Inc. to provide its written response within 10 days. The information provided by the permit holder will be reviewed and considered by division staff before the agency determines whether to issue a civil penalty.
A copy of the Notice is available here.

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