Do I Need A Permit


Do I need a permit*

Below you may review a list of various permitted activites as well as the agencies from whom you may need a permit(s) to conduct your project. Please keep in mind, permitting requirements will vary according to the project type and the individual site location.

Analyze your project by asking these questions below. Does your project: Municipal & County Government Federal Agencies (e.g., Army Corps, U.S. Fish & Wildlife) Other State Agencies Water Resources Air Quality Coastal Management Energy, Mineral & Land Resources  Waste Management
Involve a bridge or a culvert(s)? X X X X   X X  
Involve the addition of any materials or fill to surface waters or wetlands?   X   X   X X  
Involve any work in the water, over the water or wetland(s), or on high ground near the water (e.g., buffer zones, riparian areas, etc.)? X X   X   X X  
Involve land disturbance or construction proposed on a barrier island or mainland shoreline? X X       X X  
Result in stormwater discharge to surface waters or wetland(s)? X X   X   X X  
Involve site grading, filing, excavating or any land clearing? X X X X     X  
Involve a wastewater discharge into surface waters or wetland(s)?   X   X     X  
Involve a new wastewater discharge or the installation of any type of sewer collection system? X X X X   X X  
Involve the disposal of wastewater in a manner other than discharging to surface waters? X   X X     X  
Divert or obstruct the natural flow; or change the natural bedding or bank of a creek or any surface water? X X   X   X X  
Involve the demolition of an existing building? X   X   X X X X
Involve the installation or abandonment of any type of well? X   X X        
Involve constructing or expanding a public or shared waterline? X     X     X  
Involve providing drinking water for =/>15 connections or =/>25 people? X   X X     X  
Involve development located within a coastal county? X X X X     X  
Require using or removing materials from the ground or a streambed (including, but not limited to boulders, gravel, sand, soil and/or wood debris)? X X   X     X  
Involve the management, treatment, storage and/or disposal of hazardous/solid waste? X     X X     X
Involve an activity that results in the emission of an air pollutant(s)? X       X      
Involve the installation of an air pollution control device? X       X      
Involve installing, owning, removing or operating an underground or above ground storage tank? X X X         X
Involve withdrawal from surface or groundwater greater than 100,000 GPD?       X     X  
Involve an activity that will occur on land where there are rare, threatened or endangered species, natural communities, habitats, etc.?   X X       X  
Involve an activity that will occur in or near an area that the state, federal or tribal governments have designated as having historic or cultural preservation status ?   X X       X  

*This table has been developed as a tool to familiarize customers with the permitting requirements for the state of North Carolina. It provides general permitting guidance when starting a project in this state. It is not all inclusive and NCDEQ's regulations and their interpretation are subject to change. It is the responsibility of the person in operational control of the business, land, project, etc. to verify with the regulatory agencies whether permits are required before commencing the project.