Stormwater Reviewer Certification

The Stormwater Reviewer Certification Program serves two main purposes:
  • To provide a comprehensive training program for local government personnel and other stormwater plan reviewers that is implemented by DEQ and N.C. State University Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering.    
  • To allow the DEQ 401 Buffer and Permitting Unit to accept stormwater plans approved by certified local governments as meeting the requirements of the 401 Stormwater Program.

Individual Certification

The first step for an individual to become certified is to take the Stormwater Reviewer Certification Class that covers all major stormwater control measures in the state Stormwater Design Manual. This class is offered each year in January. After successful completion of the class, participants must pass an online exam to obtain certification. To maintain certification, reviewers are required to successfully complete an online re-certification exam annually. There is no fee for the online re-certification exams.

Local Government Certification

Local governments may become a certified jurisdiction by meeting the following requirements:

  • Have an approved state-delegated stormwater program such as Phase I-II, Water Supply Watershed or Nutrient Sensitive Waters.
  • Have a self-certified stormwater design manual that at a minimum meets state standards
  • Have at least one certified Stormwater Reviewer on staff

Local government that meet all three of these requirements may apply for certification.  Please see the following links:

For more information about water quality certification or isolated wetlands/water permitting, please visit: 401 Buffer and Permitting Unit

Questions about the Stormwater Reviewer Certification Program may be directed to Annette Lucas at 919-807-6381 or