Financial Resources for Watersheds Water Quality Grants, Cost Shares, and Loans

Funding Source Website Activities Funded Match Required Eligibility
General Projects
Nonpoint Source Section 319 Grant Program USEPA and NCDWR Implementation of approved nine element watershed restoration plan(s) with approved checklist  40% of Total Award State and Local Governments Intra and Inter - State Agencies, Nonprofits, Educational Institutions 
Clean Water Management Trust Fund NCDEQ Protect, improve, and/or restore surface water, acquire lands with ecological, cultural, and/or historical significance (including riparian buffers)  Varies  State Agencies, Local Governments, Nonprofits 
205 (j) Planning Grant USEPA and NCDWR Water Quality management and planning  Optional Match  Regional Councils of Governments 
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Improve, restore, protect water quality, and ensure access to all waters    501(c) 3 Organizations 
Clean Water State Revolving Fund USEPA and NCDWI Provides low interest loans to fund wastewater collection and treatment facilities as well as estuary and nonpoint source program projects  N/A  Local Governments 
State Wastewater & Drinking Water Reserve Programs USEPA and NCDWR Provides grants for technical assistance and for construction of critical needs for wastewater collection systems, wastewater treatment works and public drinking water system projects  N/A  Local Governments 
Cooperative Water Program USGS Jointly funds water resources projects  Varies  Non-Federal Agencies 
NC Division of Mitigation Services (formerly EEP)  Conduct watershed assessment, planning, and restoration implementation.  DMS offers many benefits to landowners interested in protecting and restoring wetlands, streams, and riparian areas on their property, and may pay up to 100 percent of the costs of restoration.  N/A  Public and Private Entities 
Community Conservation Assistance Program NCDSWC Funds non-agricultural management measures  Up to 75%
cost share 
Water Resources Development Project Grants NCDWR  Funds general and recreational navigation, water management, stream restoration, beach protection, land acquisition and facility development for water based recreation and aquatic weed control.  Varies  Local Governments 
Section 22 Planning Assistance to States USACE Aquatic ecosystem restoration and protection projects  35%  Non-federal public agencies 
Section 206 Aquatic Restoration Grants USACE Aquatic ecosystem restoration and protection projects  35%  Non-federal public agencies 
Parks and Recreation Trust Fund NCDPR -65% State park land acquisition and capital improvements
-30% Local government park and recreation purposes
-5%   Beach Access 
USDA-NRCS Easement Program NCDPR Voluntary easement programs to landowners who want to maintain or enhance their land in a way beneficial to agriculture and/or the environment. Varies Landowners
State and Local Governments
State of NC - Attorney General's Office - Environmental Enhancement Grant Program Immediate or long term environmental enhancement projects that improve air, water, and/or land quality of NC. Varies (1) Nonprofit organization or institution with documented 501(c)(3) status whose primary purpose is conservation, preservation, and restoration of NC's environmental and natural resources or;
(2) Part of federal, state, or local government
Conservation Reserve Program USDA Convert highly erodible cropland and other environmentally sensitive acreage to vegetative cover Cost Sharing  Farmers and Ranchers
Environmental Quality Incentive Program USDA Technical and financial assistance to install or implement structural and/or management practices on eligible agricultural land  Up to 75%
Cost Share 
Farmers and Ranchers 
Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program NCDSWC Seeks to protect land along water sources that are in agricultural production  75 - 100% Cost Share  Landowners of agricultural land in Neuse, Tar-Pamlico, Chowan, Lumber Basins and Jordan Lake Watershed 
Agriculture Cost Share Program NCDSWC Funds agricultural management measures  10 - 25%  Farmers 
Farm Bill Programs Funds agricultural management and grassland, wetlands and wildlife preserve programs  Varies  Farmers and Ranchers 
NC Agricultural Development and Farmland preservation Trust Fund Supports purchase of agricultural conservation easements (on farm, forest, and horticulture lands), including transaction costs. Funds public and private enterprise programs that will promote profitable and sustainable family farms through assistance to farmers in developing and implementing plans for the production of food, fiber, and value-added products, agritourism activities, marketing and sales of agricultural products produced on the farm, and other agriculturally related business activities. Funds conservation agreements (on farm, forest, and horticulture lands) targeted at the active production of food, fiber and other agricultural products. Varies  Public and private
Coastal Counties Restoration Initiative NACo and NOAA County-led or supported projects - wetland, riparian, and coastal habitat restoration  1:1  NACo Coastal Member Counties 
Environmental Education GrantsNCOEE&PA Variety of different projects  NA  Entities who can register with Environmental Ed affiliates 
Recreation Trails Program NC Div of Parks and Recreation Trail construction and maintenance projects, trail side facilities, and land acquisition projects  25%  Government agencies and non-profits 
Wastewater Infrastructure
NC Clean Water State Revolving Fund USEPA and NCDWR Congress provides states with grant funds to establish revolving load programs to assist funding of wastewater treatment facilities and estuary and nonpoint programs.  N/A  Local Governments 
Clean Water Partners Infrastructure Program NC Rural Center Planning, design, and construction for water and wastewater infrastructure  Varies  Local governments in rural counties including water/sewer districts and authorities 
Wetland Program Development Grant USEPA  -Develop comprehensive monitoring and assessment programs
-Improve compensatory mitigation effectiveness
-Refurbish wetland, aquatic resources, protection 
25%  States, tribes, local governments, non governmental organizations (NGOs), nonprofits 
Partners for Fish and Wildlife USFWS Technical and financial assistance to landowners to restore and enhance fish and wildlife habitats on their property.  Projects must benefit migratory birds, T & E species, anadromous, or migratory fish  30 - 60%  Private landowners, businesses, NGOs, nonprofits, and schools 
Private Steward Grants Program- Southeastern US region USFWS  Conservation efforts that benefit federally listed, proposed, candidate, or other at-risk species  10%  Individuals, groups in local, private, volunteer conservation efforts that benefit federally listed , proposed or candidate species 
Conservation Lands Program NC WRC  Wildlife conservation designated land assessed for taxation same as agricultural land. Acreage and land use requirements.  NA  Landowner who is individual, family business entity, or family trust  
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