Environmental Application Tracker

DEQ is pleased to announce the expansion of its Environmental Application Tracker service. This service allows applicants and the public to check the status of pending environmental applications. It is designed to allow interested parties to search by location, application type, permit type, facility name, permit number, and other criteria. It displays information and dates regarding milestones in the review process, and tracks the progress from the date of receipt of the application until a final decision is made.

The initial phase of this service included information on 80 different environmental applications, including Air Quality small, synthetic minor, and Title V major permits; Water Quality NPDES Wastewater, State Stormwater, Collection Systems, and Gravity Sewer Extensions; and Water Resources capacity use permits. Phase 2, which went live in early October 2012, included 57 additional environmental applications.

Our goal is to provide easily accessible, up-to-date information on environmental applications. Before expanding this service, we are asking our customers to provide feedback on the service's ease of use, relevance of information, and suggestions as to which additional applications should to be included in future service enhancements.

                                                  DEQ Environmental Application Tracker

[1] Forsyth, Mecklenburg, and Buncombe Counties have local air quality programs and permits issued by those programs may not appear in Application Tracker.
[2] Water Quality Program data is not updated on a real-time basis; instead, it is updated daily (M-F) and is up-to-date as of the end of the previous business day.
Note: This system is designed to provide the status of applications from the data of receipt to issuance/withdrawal/disapproval. Applications will be removed from the tracking system 30 days after a final decision has been made. Information will be updated nightly, except on holidays and weekends.