Risk Evaluation Resources

DEQ’s procedures for evaluating human health risks are outlined in the Tier 1/Tier2 flowchart. Contact the appropriate oversight program with any questions.


Initial screening (Tier 1) using the tables and links below will help determine if site contaminant concentrations meet unrestricted use standards.

     Preliminary Soil Remediation Goals (PSRG) Table (February 2018)
     Groundwater Standards and IMACs (15A NCAC 02L)
     Surface Water Standards (15A NCAC 02B)
     Vapor Intrusion Screening Levels (February 2018)

Calculating Risk

A risk calculator (Tier 2) is provided to quantify human health risks when multiple contaminants are present and when conditions justify using site-specific input parameters. 

     DEQ Risk Calculator (February 2018)
DEQ Risk Calculator User Guide (February 2018)
     Risk Assessment Report Forms
     Risk Assessment Equations and Calculations (October 2017)
     What's New to Equations and Calculations (October 2017)

What They’re Saying: 

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               Risk-Based Site Closure: Not Just for Toxicologists and Risk Assessors