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State test results show no chemicals detected downstream from chemical spill in Moncure


RALEIGH – State test results show that small amounts of formaldehyde and phenol that spilled at a plant in Moncure last week reached the Haw River, but none of the chemicals were detected downstream and no downstream public water systems have reported any problems.

Arclin, a company that makes resin used in particle board, reported the spill to the state Nov. 17. The spill occurred after a vessel containing formaldehyde and phenol overheated and blew off about 113,000 pounds of vapor at its Moncure facility. The vapor condensed and fell to the ground as liquid. The chemicals were largely contained at the site, but officials with the state Division of Water Resources believe a small amount was discharged to a stormwater outfall running to the Haw River.

The state reported that the stormwater outfalls were shut shortly after the spill and most of the product was diverted to storage tanks at the facility.


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