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Emission Inventories

Electronic system for permitted facilities to report air emissions.

General Information
An overview of estimation procedures for emission inventories and air permits.

Forms, pollutant lists & other tools
Access current emission inventory forms, instructions and other information about reporting emissions.

Emission Estimation Spreadsheets
Use these spreadsheets, developed by the NC DAQ Permits Section, to aid in the calculation of emissions.

Emission Inventory Contacts
List of the Regional Emission Inventory Contacts and and how to reach them.

Introduction to EPA's Compilation of Air Pollutant Emission Factors
Find pertinent background and information related to estimation of emissions and appropriate use of the information. Factors for specific industries may be found by following the outline.

Specific Industry Guidance

Review guidance, citations, and/or assumptions for the following industries:

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions about emission inventories.

Browse a searchable database of glycol ether compounds regulated by the Clean Air Act.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculations
Instructions for calculating greenhouse gas emissions.

for permitted criteria and hazardous/toxic pollutants.
  • NC Emissions Summary Tool 
    includes criteria pollutant, hazardous/toxic pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions for 1993 to 2016.
  • NC Emissions Mapping Tool 2010
    Mapping utility that displays facility location and emissions; parses emissions by facility permit classification as well as by criteria, toxic and hazardous air pollutants.
Reported and Assumed Emission Inventories

These Excel spreadsheets include all emissions reported for the specified calendar year (such as 2015) as well as assumed (most recent previously reported) emissions for all permitted facilities that operated in the selected calendar year. For example, if a facility reported emissions in 2008 and the next collection is 2016, the 2008 emissions will be included in these spreadsheets until the 2016 emissions have been reviewed and approved. These data are reviewed and approved by DAQ staff and are posted in January, 13 months after the end of a specific calendar year. Information about the spreadsheet data is included on the Explanation tab.  Five years of emissions data will be maintained on this page.  Additional data may be obtained or data questions answered by contacting Tammy Manning by phone at 919-707-8717 or by email at

Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) Allowances / (EPA - CAIR)Find information about annual and ozone season CAIR allowance allocations , allocations to new sources from the new unit set-aside (NUSA) and state reallocations of any remaining balances in the NUSA.

NOx Budget Information (EPA - NOx Budget Trading Program)
Find information about NOx budget allocations, preliminary allocations for new sources and documents pertaining to NOx budget program.

EPA's National-Scale Air Toxics Assessment (NATA) is a screening assessment that estimates inhalation health risk for cancer and non-cancer health effects for North Carolina.