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Investigations & Studies

For information about the following investigations or studies, click the contact link to send an email request.

Investigations and Studies Reports (1997 - 2014) Contacts
Aerosols & Fine Particulate Matter in the Airshed at Pamlico River
        Quality Assurance Project Plan  
        Technical Proposal & Study Protocols  
        Proposed Program Objectives & Scope  
        Final Report Document (ATAST #99013)  
Apex Hazardous Waste Facility Fire
        DAQ Final Report  
        Final Wipe Sampling Report  
        Salisbury Air Quality Study on Asphalt Facilities
        Benzene from Asphalt Load-Out
Bulk Petroleum Tank Storage Facilities
        Paw Creek I  
        Paw Creek II 1 of 5  
        Paw Creek II 2 of 5  
        Paw Creek II 3 of 5  
        Paw Creek II 4 of 5  
        Paw Creek II 5 of 5  
Formaldehyde Study
Lightweight Aggregate Kilns
        Mercury Sampling/Mercury Updates
        Waccamaw Atmospheric Mercury Study
Metals and Particulate Study at Galvanizing Facility
        Final Report  
        Addenda - as requested  
Odor Complaint Investigation: Canton, NC
Polyurethane Foam Manufacturing
        Initial Investigation  
        Pollutants Characterization  
Toxic Air Pollutant Survey Report; Matthews, NC
        Matthews Survey Final Report Document (ATAST #99007)  
USA Today Report on Air Toxics and Schools
Wildfires in Eastern North Carolina
        Evans Road Fire  
        Pains Bay & Juniper Road Fire  
                Final Report  
                Data Set