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K-12 Air Quality Education

N.C. Air Awareness is the public outreach and education program of the North Carolina Division of Air Quality. The program helps individuals and organizations learn how their actions can reduce air pollution, improve air quality and improve one's health. The program provides a variety of K-12 lessons and resources for teachers. All classroom lessons are aligned with the N.C. Essential Standards to help students reach established academic goals.

Our staff can come to your classroom and teach your students about air quality through a variety of labs and presentation options that cater to your specific teaching needs. Our staff are able to travel to most parts of the state, so please contact us to see if we can come visit your class and teach about air quality and air pollution! 
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Lessons and Activities

Elementary School (Grades K-5)

The Adventures of Clair and CAM
How clean is our air? It’s important to know because children are more sensitive to air pollution because their bodies are still growing. We need your help to keep our air clean and healthy for everyone in the community. An important step in reducing air pollution is to educate students to a level of understanding that motivates and empowers them to act. Have your students join Clair, the clean air explorer, and CAM, the Clean Air Maniac on an adventure to learn what kids can do to help keep the air clean!!

Clair and CAM K-5 Curriculum (9 Activities)  / (Español)

The Magic School Bus Gets Cleaned Up! 
In North Carolina, much of our air pollution comes from motor vehicles (cars, trucks and buses). In this lesson, students will read The Magic School Bus Gets Cleaned Up! to learn about air pollution from motor vehicles, including school buses. Students will explore the definition of carpooling and will be able to explain why vehicles are a source of air pollution and the steps that can be taken to reduce air pollution in school areas during carpool times. In this activity, students also will evaluate different ways of traveling between school and home and will learn how personal or family transportation choices have an impact on their health and the environment. Activities for grades 3 to 5.  Materials are available in English and Spanish.

The Magic School Bus: Air Quality in North Carolina / (Español)  

What's in our Air?
In this set of short and easy activities, students will have the opportunity to learn about airborne particulate matter and how our respiratory system filters and expels them in a fun way.  Students will also learn to simulate particle sampling instruments by designing paper simple particle samplers.”

What's in Our Air (3 Activities) / (Español)

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Breathe, Don't Burn!
The N.C. Division of Air Quality, in coordination with fire departments and local community groups, has designed a set of lesson plans to educate the public about the health effects of open burning (burning trash). Teachers and students can learn about the health and environmental dangers of open burning. These classroom activities are a fun way to bring new and exciting projects into the classroom while finding solutions to air pollution from open burning.  Find more educator resources about this topic on the dedicated Open Burning Teachers and Student page.

Breathe, Don't Burn  / (Español)

High School (Grades 9-12)

It's Our Air
Bring the science of air pollution to life in your North Carolina high school classroom. It's Our Air is a free, North Carolina specific curriculum that includes a series of activities and videos focused on air quality for the state's high school level Earth and Environmental Science teachers and educators to use with their students. It's Our Air engages students in learning the science of air quality using a variety of hands-on activities and dynamic video segments. All activities are aligned with the N.C. Essential Standards for high school Earth and Environmental Science.

Learn more at http://www.itsourair.org/

AQ-IQ Contest

Every year, the N.C. Division of Air Quality invites seventh-grade students to participate in the AQ-IQ Contest. The AQ-IQ Contest gives students a chance to create a project that highlights an air quality issue and provides a solution to that issue. The AQ-IQ Contest links closely with the NC Essential Standards and puts the student in the role of presenting the information, which is one of the most effective ways to learn. For details about the contest, how to participate and project closing date visit: AQ-IQ Contest

Teacher Workshops - FREE!

These Air Awareness workshops are held quarterly, and at different locations around the state.

 These free workshops are designed as a refresher for educators on properties of air, what air pollution is, how each of us contributes to air pollution. The workshops include inquiry, hands-on activities, presentation materials, classroom videos and games. Attending our workshop can earn you Continuing Education Unit credits (CEU's) and Criteria I Credit for the North Carolina Environmental Education Certificate. Email us at air.awareness@ncdenr.gov to set up an event in your area or to find out about air quality education workshops.

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