Emission Reduction Credits Registry FAQs

This Web site provides a description of the North Carolina's Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs) Registry by answering several anticipated questions. Selection of one of these questions will take you to that portion of the page.

General Information

  • What Is The North Carolina ERCs Registry?
  • What Counties Are Affected?What Is An Emission Reduction Credit?
  • Who May Use The ERCs Registry?
  • What Information Will The ERCs Registry Contain?
  • Why Must Facilities Obtain ERCs For Use As Offsets?
  • What Fees Are Associated With The ERCs Registry?
  • What Happens To The Data In The Registry Once It Is Submitted?

Generation and Registration

  • How Can I Generate ERCs?
  • How Should I Calculate ERCs?
  • What Pollutants Can Be Registered?
  • How Are ERCs Registered?
  • Are Mobile Sources Eligible To Register ERCs?
  • Is There An Effected Date For Registering ERCs?
  • When Can I Add My Data To The ERCs Registry?

Use and Expiration

  • How Can I Use ERCs?
  • What Is The Process For Using Registered ERCs?
  • Can Credits For Clean Smokestack Reductions Be Used?
  • Can Credits For One Pollutant Be Used As Offsets For Other Pollutants?
  • Can Reductions Generated In One County Be Used In Another County?
  • What Is The Lifespan Of Registered Credits?
  • What ERCs Are Currently Available?
  • Who Is Looking For ERCs?


  • Can ERCs Be Transferred Or Sold Without Being Used As Offsets?
  • How Are ERCs Purchased?