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NSR Regulated Pollutants

Regulated NSR Pollutant is defined at 40 CFR 51.166(b)(49) as:

        "(i) Any pollutant for which a national ambient air quality standard has been promulgated and any
             constituents or precursors for such pollutants identified by the Administrator (e.g., volatile organic
             compounds are precursors for ozone);

        (ii) Any pollutant that is subject to any standard promulgated under section 111 of the Act;

        (iii) Any Class I or II substance subject to a standard promulgated under or established by title VI of the Act;

        (iv) Any pollutant that otherwise is subject to regulation under the Act; except that any or all hazardous air
             pollutants either listed in section 112 of the Act or added to the list pursuant to section 112(b)(2) of the
             Act, which have not been delisted pursuant to section 112(b)(3) of the Act, are not regulated NSR
             pollutants unless the listed hazardous air pollutant is also regulated as a constituent or precursor
             of a general pollutant listed under section 108 of the Act."

The following are determinations made by the NCDAQ with respect to "regulated NSR Pollutant"

Carbon Dioxide    The following are two legal briefs filed by the North Carolina Attorney General's office on
                             behalf of the NC Division of Air Quality

                                           Initial Brief

                                           Reply Brief

Fluorides              Determination related to fluorides under PSD