Reported and Assumed Emission Inventories

These Excel spreadsheets include all emissions reported for the specified calendar year (such as 2015) as well as assumed (most recent previously reported) emissions for all permitted facilities that operated in the selected calendar year. Facilities holding a Title V permit are required to report annually but facilities with other permit types report when the permit is renewed.  For example, if a non-Title V facility reported emissions in 2008 and the next collection would be 2016 according to the current permit renewal cycle, the 2008 emissions will be included in these spreadsheets until the 2016 emissions have been reviewed and approved. These data are reviewed and approved by DAQ staff and are posted in January, 13 months after the end of a specific calendar year. Information about the spreadsheet data is included on the Explanation tab.  Additional data may be obtained or data questions answered by contacting Tammy Manning by phone at 919-707-8717 or by email at