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2018 Diesel Emissions Reduction Grants

The Division of Air Quality has awarded $667,770 in grants for three projects to reduce air pollution from diesel-powered mobile sources through the 2018 Diesel Emission Reduction Grant program.

After reviewing proposals submitted in late 2018, the division awarded grants to the following three projects:

  • Rail Propulsion System was awarded $510,000 to install an emission reduction system on a passenger locomotive in the Piedmont service area running between Raleigh and Charlotte.  This new technology will reduce NOx emissions by 15 tons annually.
  • Waste Management of Carolinas, Inc. was awarded $164,270 to replace four diesel refuse trucks with three new, cleaner technology diesel refuse trucks (one each in Lee, Randolph, and Wake County) and one compressed natural gas refuse truck in Cumberland County.  These four new trucks will reduce NOx emissions by approximately 2.7 tons and CO2 emissions by 168 tons annually.
  • Sanders Utility Construction Company, Inc. will receive $19,000 to replace two diesel mobile generators with new, cleaner technology generators.  The new mobile generators will reduce NOx emissions by approximately 70% compared to the old equipment
  • NC Department of Public Instruction was awarded $60,787 to replace three diesel school buses with new, cleaner technology buses.  The new buses will reduce NOx emission by approximately 0.17 tons annually (a 90% reduction).

The 2018 Diesel Emissions Reduction Grant program is funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) program.  The purpose of the DERA program is to support projects designed to achieve significant diesel emissions reductions.

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