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2021 DERA Grant Request for Proposals to open September 15, 2021

The NC Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ), Division of Air Quality (DAQ) is looking for proposals for projects that will reduce diesel emissions through the Mobile Source Diesel Emissions Reduction Grants (DERA) program.  DAQ has approximately $861,000 to distribute statewide through this grant proposal process.  The grants can cover a wide range of projects including repowering on-road and non-road equipment with newer cleaner engines, replacement of old on-road and non-road equipment with new cleaner vehicles, converting vehicles to run on alternative fuels, and expanding medium and heavy duty electric vehicle usage throughout the state.

Any private or public sector entity with a physical presence in North Carolina is eligible.  Applications must be received through the NC Division of Air Quality’s Grant Management System at DAQ Grant Management System by Tuesday, November 30, 2021 no later than 11:59 pm Eastern Time to be considered.  The DAQ Grant Management System will go live for applicants at 9:00 am on September 15, 2021.

Based on the number of proposals received and the available funding, DAQ reserves the right to award less than the total amount of funding available. 

A detailed narrative of project eligibility and how to apply are found in the links below.  DAQ has created an on-line application to be completed by the private or public sector entity in North Carolina that would like to apply for a portion of this grant money.  The applications will be reviewed by a selection committee based on criteria outlined in the narrative and awardees will be notified in January/February 2022.  All work must be completed by September 1, 2023.

A webinar will be held on October 27, 2021 at 1:00 pm Eastern time to answer questions as you begin the application process.  For more information on the webinar to a link to register go to: 2021 Diesel Emissions Reduction Act Grant Question and Answer Session.

Receive Grant Notifications

Send an e-mail request to to receive notification of future grants with the following information: Enter "Grant Notification" in the subject line and include name, telephone number, affiliation and e-mail address or addresses to which you want the notification sent.