NCGS Core Repository

The North Carolina Geological Survey’s (NCGS) Coastal Plain Office and Core Repository (CPO) archives: 1) the Legacy Core and Cuttings Collection, 2) post-1988 On-Land Core Collections, 3) Offshore Core Collections, 4) Core Photographs, 5) Research Samples, 6) Hard Copy Metadata associated with coring projects (e.g. geophysical logs, core logs, seismic sections, analytical results, field books, etc.), 7) the LLRW Archives, and 8) Hard Rocks and Thin Sections. The CPO consists of a small warehouse situated on a parcel with a gated area that includes 3 conexes for extra storage space.
Explore the NCGS Holdings - Coming Soon
The NCGS plans to create an interactive tool using ArcGIS Online to explore the Legacy Core and Cuttings Collection.