Annual Self-Assessment

An annual report is required to be submitted for each NPDES MS4 Permit.  The MS4 Permit annual reporting process is currently in transition, please see the current and future plans below.

Current Plan

Permitted MS4s are required to submit an annual report by October 31 for the previous fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).  The Stormwater Management Program Assessment (SWMPA) is the preferred reporting option.  Please see these links for support:

MS4 communities are also allowed to submit a narrative report that meets the requirements of Part III, Part IV.B and Part IV.G of their permits.

Future Plan

DEQ is moving towards a standardized annual reporting process called an annual self-assessment that will be based on the updated permit template.  The annual self-assessment evaluates program implementation and permit compliance for the previous fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).  A standard annual self-assessment form will be included with new NPDES MS4 permits and permit renewals. 

In 2023, EPA will begin requiring electronic reporting for permits, compliance monitoring (audits), and enforcement data.  Electronic submittals will allow DEQ to share data electronically with EPA.  Tools to accommodate this requirement are currently being developed.  Updates and any specific requirements for MS4s will be posted here.