Annual Self-Assessment

Annual Self-Assessment Reports

During the ongoing transition from old MS4 permits to new MS4 permits with permit-specific annual self-assessment templates, there are multiple annual reporting formats in place. Please determine the format for your MS4’s required Annual Self-Assessment Report based upon your audit status and the table below.

MS4 Audit Status Required Annual Report Submittal Format
Not yet audited BIMS SWMPA or narrative report*
Audited during the annual reporting cycle One-page letter summarizing audit date and status
Audited in a past reporting cycle, but no new permit issued yet BIMS SWMPA or narrative report*
Received a new MS4 Permit and Annual Self-Assessment Template following the audit (permits issued since 2020) Annual Self-Assessment sheet provided with the permit

* The permittee has the option to either submit the Basinwide Information Management System (BIMS) Stormwater Management Program Assessment (SWMPA) to meet all annual reporting requirements [Ref. Part IV.3.b of the permit] or submit a narrative report that meets Part IV.3.a and c of the permit. 

Submittal Deadline

Unless the current permit specifies a different deadline and/or reporting cycle, annual self-assessment reports are due by August 31 and shall cover the July 1 -June 30 reporting period.

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