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112(r) - Catastrophic and Accidental Release

This effort included developing brochures and sponsoring workshops for both industry and staff. Partnering with DAQ, we were able to provide approximately 6,000 businesses with information on the requirements, applicability determinations and selection of an appropriate implementation program.

General Permits

SBAP staff continue to assist DAQ in the creation of general permits. With the latest effort, concrete batch plants are now able to save half of all of their permitting fees, both for modifications and annual fees. Approximately 30 facilities have already taken advantage of this outstanding resource conservation effort. Other general permits include cotton gins, emergency generators, and yarn manufacturers.

Insignificant Activities

Perhaps one of the most effective things that we have accomplished is to work for more exemptions to the permitting requirements. Many of the insignificant activities listed in DAQ's regulations are designed to protect small businesses from unnecessary and burdensome permitting requirements.