Electronics Information for NC Local Governments

Purchases of Computer Equipment and Televisions by State Agencies and Units of Local Government

State agencies, political subdivisions of the State, and other public bodies must purchase computer equipment and televisions from manufacturers that are in compliance with this law. Please review the lists of registered manufacturers in compliance before making a purchase in order to determine if they are in compliance: Information for Local Govt Entities before purchase of televisions or computer equipment



Units of local government may be eligible for annual allocation of fund monies if they include an electronics management component in its solid waste management plan and report the information requested as part of the annual statutory Local Government Solid Waste and Materials Management Annual Report. Fund monies from the Electronics Management Fund to units of local government will be distributed on a pro rata basis among all eligible applicants on or before February 15 annually. The unit of local government's electronics management fund plan shall be submitted to the Department by December 31 annually in order to be eligible for fund monies. The current format of the Electronics Management Fund application meets the requirements of the plan as specified in NCGS 130A-309.137(c). The unit of local government shall maintain a copy of its electronics management fund plan, updated as necessary, and ensure that a current copy is on file with the Department

Units of local government must establish a separate budget account for the receipt and expenditure of fund monies.  The fund monies are to be used for its electronics recycling program costs.

Units of local government remain eligible for grants to expand its electronics recycling infrastructure.

Units of local government are encouraged to work with electronics recyclers to account for televisions separately from other computer equipment and electronics.

Units of local government shall maintain proof of contract or agreement with a recycler that is certified as adhering to Responsible Recycling (R2) practices or adhering to the e-Stewards Standard for Responsible Recycling and Reuse of Electronic Equipment.

Electronics Management Plan

Electronics Management Plan

A complete and approved electronics management plan is required to be eligible for distribution of monies from the Electronics Management Fund.

The electronics management plan shall include:

  1. Information on existing programs within the jurisdiction to recycle or reuse discarded computer equipment, televisions, and other electronic devices, or information on a plan to begin such a program on a certain date. This information shall include a description of the implemented or planned practices for collection of the equipment and a description of the types of equipment to be collected and how the equipment will be marketed for recycling.
  2. Information on a public awareness and education program concerning the recycling and reuse of discarded computer equipment, televisions and other electronic devices.
  3. Information on methods to track and report total tonnage of computer equipment, televisions and other electronic devices collected and recycled in the jurisdiction.
  4. Information on interactions with other units of local government to provide or receive services concerning disposal of discarded computer equipment, televisions, and other electronic devices.
  5. Information on how the unit of local government will account for the expenditure of funds received pursuant to this section. Establish a separate local budget account for the receipt and expenditure of funds received pursuant to this section.
  6. Documentation that the unit of local government has a contract or agreement with an electronics recycler which is certified as adhering to R2 or e-Stewards practices. 
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Contacts and Additional Information

Contacts and Additional Information

Questions regarding electronics management plans can be directed to John Patrone by phone: (336) 776-9673 or e-mail: john.patrone@ncdenr.gov.

Questions about the North Carolina electronics recycling program and requirements contact: John Patrone at john.patrone@ncdenr.gov or (336) 776-9673 or Mary Johnson at mary.johnson@ncdenr.gov or 919-707-8236.

Additonal information on other topics such as the State Electronics Recycling Service Contract 926C, Suggestions for Local Government - Electronics Recycling Programs, materials to assist local governments' recycling efforts, and the Recycling Markets Directory can be found through the Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service Recycling Information for Local Government Recycling Programs.