Scrap Tires

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Waste Management - Solid Waste Section administers a scrap tire disposal program. The scrap tire disposal program provides guidelines and structure for the safe disposal of scrap tires by units of local government. A scrap tire disposal tax is applied to the sale of a new tire. The North Carolina Department of Revenue administers quarterly distributions of the scrap tire disposal tax proceeds to counties. The Solid Waste Section administers grants from the scrap tire disposal account fund to assist counties with the overage charge applied to the safe disposal of scrap tires. 

Scrap Tire Disposal Act Statutes Article 9 Part 2B
Scrap Tire Management Rules 15A NCAC 13B .1100
Scrap Tire Hauler Handout Handout
Scrap Tire Collection Sites: County Website List

New Scrap Tire Hauler Online Registration Tool

Scrap Tire Disposal Account Fund Grant Application

New Scrap Tire Certification Form and Instructions

North Carolina Scrap Tire Disposal Act, Article 9. Part 2B. PowerPoint Presentation

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