Pre-Regulatory Landfill Program

A program is established under North Carolina law to address pre-regulatory landfills that closed prior to January 1, 1983, when waste disposal permitting regulations commenced. This program is implemented by the Pre-Regulatory Landfill Unit within the Inactive Hazardous Sites Branch.

Use the map below to find the pre-1983 municipal landfills in North Carolina.









The law imposes a tax of $2 perton on municipal solid waste and construction and demolition debris disposed in landfills in North Carolina or transferred out of state for disposal. One half of this tax goes to the Branch to prioritize, assess and implement remedial action plans for each pre-regulatory landfill. A pre-regulatory landfill is defined as any land area, whether publicly or privately owned, on which municipal solid waste disposal occurred prior to January 1, 1983, but not thereafter, and does not include any landfill used primarily for the disposal of industrial solid waste.

The Pre-Regulatory Landfill Unit has dedicated staff to oversee firms under contract to conduct the work. A unit of local government may voluntarily undertake assessment of the site and remedial action of imminent hazards and get reimbursed if the work is pre-approved by the Unit and complies with the requirements of G.S. 130A-310.6 (f).

The Guidelines for Addressing Pre-Regulatory Landfills and Dumps provide assessment guidelines for these old landfill sites and are a supplement to the Inactive Hazardous Sites Program Guidelines for Assessment and Cleanup. Guidelines for Optional Property Owner Suspension of Site Remedial Action and Assumption of Risk have been developed in relation to G.S.130A-310.6(c).

General Information for the Local Government Reimbursement Process provides guidance under the local government provision for voluntary assessment or abatement of an imminent hazard.


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