Inactive Hazardous Sites Guidance Documents

The Inactive Hazardous Sites Branch currently publishes four contaminant cleanup guidance documents that are typically updated annually. The first document, "Registered Environmental Consultant Program Implementation Guidance," applies only to sites that have signed administrative agreements to conduct a remedial actions under the IHSB's Registered Environmental Consultants Program. The second guidance document, "Inactive Hazardous Sites Program Guidelines for Assessment and Cleanup," provides guidance to responsible parties conducting remedial actions under the State-Lead Cleanup Program. The third guidance document, "Guidelines for Addressing Old Landfills and Dumps," provides guidance for assessment and remedial activities under the IHSB's Pre-Regulatory Landfill Program. The fourth guidance document includes procedures for mildly contaminated sites. The IHSB has also published guidance for structural vapor intrusion potential assessments and for preparing Notices of Inactive Hazardous Substance or Waste Disposal sites.