Risk-Based Remediation


Session Law 2015-286 allows risk-based remediation as a cleanup option at contaminated sites where the use of remedial actions and land-use controls can reliably ensure that affected properties are safe for their intended use. In addition to DEQ’s Underground Storage Tank, Dry-cleaning Solvent Cleanup Act, and the Pre-Regulatory Land Fill Programs, risk-based remediation can now be considered in all DEQ environmental cleanup programs, except those subject to remediation pursuant to the Coal Ash Management Act of 2014 and the requirements of animal waste management systems. 

A Remediation Team comprised of staff from the department’s cleanup programs is developing procedures and guidelines for implementing risk-based remediation according to the new law.

Upcoming Risk-Based Remediation Training Opportunities

There are no risk-based remediation training opportunities currently scheduled. As opportunities become available, they will be posted.